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What Kind of Fish is Sole?

What Kind Of Fish Is Sole

Sole fish also known as common Sole is a kind of fish that lives in deep and shallow waters where it is muddy just like the sandy seabeds at the bottom of seas. They are present all over the European coast and some are also found in America. Sole is a quite popular fish all around the globe and is preferred for eating in many countries. 

This fish has different varieties and the three main and common species are Flathead, Rock, and Dover. It can grow about 20-25 inches in length and up to 5-10 pounds in weight which is quite some length and weight. The Sole Fish seems quite an interesting fish species, so let us dive into more information about Sole. 

What Kind of Fish Is Sole?

Sole Fish is a type of flatfish that is lean and is a member of the Soleidae family but they are members of several other families as well. Dover Sole is the most common of the sole. The Dover species of flatfish is the largest in this family and has a flat look with 2 eyes located on the right side and a relatively small mouth according to their size. 

Interesting Facts About Sole Fish

There are some really interesting and fun facts about Sole Fish that will amaze you

  • It has similarities to Flounder and Halibut. 
  • It has good nutritional value.
  • It has high in protein and low in calories
  • The fish appear to be just like chicken when cooked due to its white meat.
  • The sole does not taste like fish and is a great option for people who do not like to eat fish.
  • The Dover Sole is the largest among them and can get up to 30 inches in length and 10 lbs in weight. 
  • The Rock Sole is a bit smaller in length than Dover but greater than Flathead Sole. It can get long up to 24 inches with 1.5 lb of weight. 
  • The Flathead Sole can grow in length up to 22 inches

Nutritional Profile of Sole Fish

Fish is known for its healthy fats and great benefits towards cardiovascular health and maintaining overall health. The Sole fish might be low in calories but it has got a good nutritional profile.

Nutrition factsValues 
Serving 3 oz
Total Calories92 kcal
Carbs0 g
Proteins18.8 g
Fats1.2 g
Magnesium 49.3 mg 
Selenium49.5 mg 
Phosphorus 246 mg
Potassium 292 mg 
Vitamin B10.1 mg
Vitamin B2 0.1 mg 
Vitamin B31.9 mg
Vitamin B50.5 mg 
Vitamin B6 0.2 mg
Vitamin B122.1 mg

Is Sole Fish Safe To Eat?

Eating fish is really healthy for your heart and overall health as it contains healthy fats. Just like all fish have positives and negatives and should be consumed in controlled amounts, sole fish also has many benefits but should not be over-eaten. Sole fish is generally low in calories and has high protein value which makes it a great option for people who want to lose weight and is a nutritious option. 

Fish contains mercury but sole has low mercury content as compared to some other fish varieties which makes it a better option than those fish. The level of contaminants like dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls is also low in the sole, which makes the Sole safe to eat.  

The mercury content in Sole is safe for adults, but pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid eating Sole to prevent any health problems for the baby. 

How Does Sole Fish Taste?

The sole fish has white meat with a very thin light brown skin color. The fish tastes good and really light and has a mildly sweet flavor. The sole fish has a bit of a firm texture and it is good to remove the skin before eating the fish. 

Best Way To Cook Sole

The way you cook and eat your fish totally depends on you, but the best possible ways for cooking Sole include pan frying, baking, grilling, and steaming. Just make sure to avoid overcooking Sole as it can get dry real quick. 

1: Pan-Fried Sole 

The pan-fried sole has a wonderful taste and is the best way to keep the fish moist while cooking. You can pan-fry the fish on both sides for two-three minutes to retain its moisture and then serve it hot. 

2: Baking Sole 

You can also cook your fish in the oven and bake it for a few minutes. The important thing in baking Sole is setting the temperature in a way that retains the moisture of the wish and does not cook it dry. You can apply lemon juice and your favorite herbs and spices to the fish before baking it to add flavor.

3: Grilled Sole 

Grilling the Sole fish is also a quick and easy way to cook your fish to get a flaky grilled texture on the fish. You can season the fish the way you like and cook it on a medium flame for a few minutes till it changes color to light golden.  

Risks Associated with Sole Fish

It is true that there are many health benefits of eating Sole fish but there are some health-related risks associated with Sole Fish as well, such as:

  • There are contaminants like dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls present in water which enter the body of the Sole fish over time. When you eat sole fish, these pollutants get into the human body and can prove to be harmful if the Sole Fish is eaten in excess amounts. 
  • Sole fish just like other fish contain mercury but in smaller amounts. If you over-consume Sole, it can result in toxicity and mercury contamination which can be really hazardous to health.  


Sole is a lean flatfish of the Soleidae family that lives in muddy shallow waters. It is eaten as food and has white meat and a light brown skin color. It is low in calories but rich in protein and also has healthy fats. There are healthy vitamins and minerals present in the fish. The mercury content and contaminants are also less in amounts which makes Sole safe to eat in adequate amounts, but over-consuming Sole can result in toxicity and should be avoided. 

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