What Sound do Sharks Make

If you have ever been in the navy or spent a night alone on a boat in the middle of the sea, surrounded by water from all sides, and suddenly you heard wheezing noises; the fear of the sharks surpasses all others as we have all thought about the sharks as a giant-sized powerful creature, with aggressive behavior. This further adds the curiosity to find out what sound do sharks make so that people are able to identify if it’s the sharks making a sound or some other creature.

There is a whole world to be explored under the water, with thousands of creatures living in. While sharks are among the largest creatures, it is commonly believed that they make all those sounds that you hear, freaking out humans.

Yet, at the same time, there are people who object to this theory and believe that sharks aren’t able to make any sound at all. This will be discussed in more detail in the next section.

Let us first look at the sound we often hear from under the water and if it is the sharks responsible for that or not.

Do Sharks Roar or Growl?

Sharks have been living in the oceans for centuries, they existed even long before the trees and the dinosaurs. With over 500 species of sharks discovered so far, you will find them in all different sizes, colors, and dissimilar qualities.

Sharks are not only smart but intelligent sea creatures with great senses and abilities. Looking at how big and powerful they are, it is believed that they do roar as other animals do on the ground. When you look at the hunting bear and the way sharks tear apart the predators, it seems to be true.

Sharks are known as the top predators, and their diet includes a variety of fishes, mammals, squids, and all other marine creatures. All in all, they will consume whatever fits in their mouth. 

So, the point here is, do sharks make a roaring sound or growl when attacking their prey or at some other time? Technically, the answer is no.

Although sharks are very well versed in this great oceanic opera, they are silent hunters by nature.

This further creates a debate about whether or not sharks can make a sound. So, let’s deep dive into it and clear the confusion.

Do sharks make noise?

Speaking of facts, sharks do have an organ that makes them capable of producing sounds; however, they do have strong senses, including hearing, sight, smell, and lateral lines. Moreover, they also have a 6th sense. People who have doubts and think that sharks are deaf or blind must read this article.

But what about making noises? As said earlier, they don’t have the organ to produce sound, so it’s almost impossible. Sharks are not even able to grind their teeth as they are too small. In contrast, other marine animals make a variety of noises by striking portions of their bodies to the water’s surface.

Can sharks purr?

Against the belief that sharks aren’t able to make any noise, sharks sometimes bubble or purr, similar to big cats. This can take place when sharks gulp air from the surface of the water, which enters their bodies and escapes via their mouths. Find out if sharks need to breathe air or not.

Are there any shark species that make noise?

When we say that sharks do not have the organ to produce noise, it’s clear that they can’t make any noise. It does not apply to this case, however. A number of New Zealand fishers have reported hearing sharks barking like giant dogs in recent times. When researched, it is found out that there is a shark species called draughtsboard sharks.

So apparently, there are shark species that are known to make a sound in one way or another. The Swell shark and the balloon sharks also belong to the same family type and, therefore, are known to make a sound. In the event of an attack, the Draughtsboard Shark can expand itself like a pufferfish. Water is rapidly pumped into their stomachs when they are afraid, enlarging their dimensions by as much as three times.


Although the deep sea is dark and scary to behold, it is not eerily silent. Sound travels through the ocean at incredible speeds and over great distances. But, are sharks responsible for the noises that you hear, and what sounds do sharks actually make? It turns out that sharks do not have the organ that makes them capable of producing sound, but with this also comes an exceptional case. A few species, such as the draughtsboard, is known to produce sound.

Given this, the sound you hear from the ocean might not be of the shark but some other creatures.

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