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Which Country Has The Most Shark Attacks

Have you seen the famous movie “Jaws’ released in 1975? You might think that Amity Island is the most dangerous place in the world where most shark attacks happen! Well, Amity Island is not a real place but the movie is based on a real event that happened in 1916 where in just 12 days sharks killed 4 people and injured 7 people in New Jersey!

It was believed that Australia is ranked number one country when talking about shark attacks! But the studies show that Australia is the 2nd listed country around the world with a maximum of 12 shark attacks in a year, out of which three are considered as highly fatal attacks!

If it’s not Amity Island or Australia then which country in the world has the most reported attacks by sharks? Let’s open up the mystery box to know the country’s name!

Which country has the highest shark attack?

Any ideas? No! Ok, let me tell you!

The United States!

Yes! The US is a top listed country with most of the shark attacks reported till date. According to the International Sharks Attack File, an average of 47 attacks have been reported every year, out of which only 1 is considered as fatal. The evaluation of grand total attacks of sharks reported till date is 1657, out of which 144 are fatal attacks and 1513 are non-fatal attacks!

The shark’s species such as Tiger sharks, Great White sharks and Bull sharks are known to be the most aggressive species of sharks, they attack humans when they are involved in fun activities such as water skiing, surfing and floating in the ocean water. This is the reason the shark attack of sharks increases in the United States because the beaches are highly populated and the number of people visiting the beaches has been increasing day by day!

We have enlisted some of the highly populated beaches of the United States where you will definitely encounter sharks. Let’s visit these places together!

5 Beaches in the United States with the maximum number of shark attack

The list of 5 beaches in the United States where the chances of shark attack are high is mentioned below:

1: Volusia County Beach

Volusia beach is located in Florida, the beach has the maximum number of shark attacks on humans as compared to any other beach or state in the United States. According to the reports, a total of 275 shark attacks of sharks have been recorded on the beach but no one is considered a fatal attack.

2: Brevard County Beach

The Brevard County beach is also located in the state of Florida. The recorded data shows that a total of 130 shark attacks have happened on Brevard beach till now. The number of attacks is increasing because tourists are extremely enthusiastic to dive into the ocean water. Many people were rescued due to shark attacks in a single day!

3: Maui Beach

Maui beach is located in Hawaii, the warm water of the beach attracts many species of sharks. Scientists believe that sharks have been living on Hawaii beaches for a longer period of time. Talking about the shark’s attack, 35 cases of people being injured have been reported.

4: Palm Beach

Another beach in Florida – the Palm Beach has been reported to be 4th on the list with the 24 shark attack cases. Many sharks during the migratory period have made their way through Palm Beach. Well, the beach is known to be the hometown of the Black-tip sharks. Be careful!

5: Oahu Beach

The Oahu beach is located in the state of Hawaii, the high number of shark attacks reported on the beach is just 12 until now. However, the attacks were so fatal that the management decided to close the beach. Per year on an average 3 to 6 cases have been recorded.

What does it conclude?

Although sharks do not attack humans so often, there is a 1 in millions chance of becoming a victim of shark’s attack. Talking about the country with the highest number of shark’s attack, the United States is ranked 1st with the maximum of 47 attacks in a year. The reason is that highly populated beaches make sharks feel threatened thus they attack out of fear! Some species of sharks attack people out of anger without even being provoked! So next time if you are planning to visit any beach in the United States, be careful and do not interrupt the habitat of sharks!

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