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10 Reasons Why Sharks are Afraid Of Dolphins?

Whattttt! Sharks are afraid of dolphins? Not a chance! It might sound surprising to you but that’s true – sharks, the ocean beast are afraid of dolphins. Talking about dolphins, everyone loves them. Dolphins seem pretty on the surface of the water, but deep in the ocean they are bloodthirsty creatures that can even scare the sharks.

Although dolphins and sharks thrive in the same habitat, sharks always check for dolphins before drifting in the ocean or falling asleep – why is it so? We have explored some of the reasons why sharks are so scared of dolphins, let’s start the journey to fuel the fear of sharks!

Are Sharks Afraid of Dolphins?

Yes! Sharks are afraid of dolphins! Sharks have ruled the oceans for centuries, along with other creatures they are seeing swimming and floating deep in the ocean. Though sharks are the top predator of the oceans, they prefer to maintain a distance from dolphins – just like you stay away from your enemies! Sharks are solitary animals whereas dolphins always move in a group called a “pod” that’s why dolphins are very active fighters that can easily defeat sharks if there is a competition between them.

Here are some of the reasons enlisted why the apex predator fears cute and playful dolphins:

1: Dolphins can Manoeuvre Speedily

While fighting against the sharks, dolphins are able to move with faster speed because of their flexible joints and soft skin. It is quite impossible for sharks to grab the dolphins because sharks are slow swimmers as compared to dolphins. Thus dolphins take the advantage of their fast speed and move away from sharks or attack them whenever they want!

2: Dolphins are More Swift and Flexible than Sharks

Along with speed dolphins are also blessed with agility and flexibility! Dolphins’ bears horizontal tail which helps them to move with the faster speed in the ocean water whereas sharks have vertical tails which allow them to move faster but not as much as the dolphins can. Dolphins move swiftly and circle around sharks in the waters, just to distress or puzzle sharks.

3: Dolphins always Travel in Groups

As you are very well aware that sharks are the unsociable creatures of the oceans whereas the dolphins always travel in a form of groups called pods – the minimum number of dolphins in a pod is 12 and a maximum of 100. The larger number of dolphins moving together will definitely scare lonely sharks.

4: Dolphin feeds on on sharks

It sounds quite weird – a hunter gets hunted! Although we all know that sharks are the apex predators of the ocean water, they are the prey too! The largest species of the dolphins – Orcas are known to hunt and feed on sharks whenever they come in the vicinity of sharks for the purpose of food.

5: Dolphin’s Snout Scared Sharks

The snout of dolphins is also called battering ram – the snout is made up of thick bone which helps the dolphin in moving speedily after sharks deep in the ocean and attack them on the soft belly, the snout hit may result in the serious internal injuries.

6: Dolphins Steal Sharks Foodstuff

What happens when you steal anything from your neighbour? Of course – a fight! Same is the case, if dolphins tend to steal the prey of sharks, there must be a big fight between them! Dolphins fight with sharks for squids or fishes because sometimes there is not enough food for such giant creatures to feed!

7: Aggressiveness of dolphins, when sharks attack their Young Ones

Parents in this world are extremely possessive towards their babies – so is for sharks and dolphins! Sharks being top of the food web eats small and weak dolphins – but if sharks think to attack the babies of dolphins the whole pod of dolphins attack the isolated sharks! Imagine 1 shark and 100 dolphins – terrifying!

8: Dolphins are Cleverer than Sharks

Dolphins are titled with the most intelligent creatures of the ocean! Well, sharks are not stupid at all but are not smarter than dolphins. Dolphins however, deceived the sharks which fear them. A blend of dolphin’s smartness and agility will be enough to mislead sharks that might be threatened to the pod of dolphins.

9: Unsuccessful Attack of Sharks Alert

Bite me if you can! Suits correctly here! Sharks are the silent stalkers, the best chance for the sharks to attack dolphins is when they are in a blind spot or unaware of sharks, but if the attempt is unsuccessful, the dolphins become alert and escape quickly to rejoin the group and take a revenge from the shark! Unlucky shark!

10: Echolocation – the advantage to dolphins

The dolphins possess exceptional capability of echolocation, with the help of echolocation, dolphins are able to steer quickly through the ocean water in order to evade the attack of sharks and to attack them as well. Echolocation also helps dolphins to search for their food such as crustacean or small fishes.


Sharks and dolphins are the most important creatures of the ocean that keep the ocean environment healthy. But sharks always avoid contact with dolphins as they fear dolphins, the main reason is that sharks prefer to live and hunt alone but when it comes to dolphins they always live and hunt in a group – a pod including 12 to 100 sharks at a time! Absolutely sharks have to fear them!

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