Why do Cats Like Fish

Why do Cats Like Fish

You may have seen humans eating and liking fish as a tasty meal. It might be surprising for you that even cats like to eat fish. Cats are believed to also be happy seeing the fish swimming and smelling them. The feature of the fish that attracts the cats the most is the good taste of the fish and good smell. Cats also need food with rich proteins for their healthy living. Cats can also sense food that is rich in proteins.

Types of the Fish That Cats Like the Most

Although cats like to eat the majority of the good cooked fish, there are a few species of the fish that cats like the most. A few of them include salmon fish, tuna fish, cod, flounder, tilapia, sardines and halibut. Salmon and tuna are especially considered two of the most favourite types of the fish for the cat because of their strong smell and good taste.

Can Cats be Allergic to Fish?

No doubt, cats like to eat fish but it is also possible that some cats deny eating the fish or it is also possible that some cats eat fish but suddenly get sick after eating the fish. This is because some cats  might be allergic to fish despite the fish being rich in proteins. So, it is no surprise and nothing to worry about if your cat does not like fish despite the general belief that cats love fish. 

You can observe your cat’s behaviour in order to know what the fish did to your cats when it ate it. The reason is that the cat shows some signs and symptoms if it is allergic to fish. Some signs and symptoms that appear to your cat after eating fish are:

  • There may be itchiness or redness on the skin of the cat if you observe carefully.
  • Most of the cat’s skin may turn red, most likely their chest and abdomen skin.
  • Your cat may start losing its hair. Hair Fall is a major allergic reaction that can happen to your cat.

Can Cats Eat Raw Fish?

Many people think and get confused whether the cat can eat uncooked or raw fish or not. The research in the past does not indicate any benefit of eating raw fish rather it just proves the raw fish to be unhealthy for the cats. When the fish is raw and uncooked, there are higher chances of food poisoning due to the presence of bacteria in the raw fish. So, the best you can do to your cat is to serve them cooked, baked or steamed fish rather than feeding them raw fish.

However, eating the fish in huge quantities can harm the fish because most of the protein rich fish like canned tuna have larger amounts of mercury in their meat. The mercury present in the fish meat does the same damage to the fish as it does with humans when they consume it in excessive amounts.

The Bottom Line 

Cats not only like to eat fish but they also like watching them swimming. The reason why cats love to eat fish is that fish is a protein rich meal and is very healthy for cats. Moreover the taste of some types of fish is so fascinating for the cats. Some of the most favourite fish species for the cats are cod, flounder, tilapia, sardines, halibut and especially salmon and tuna fish.

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