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Why Does my Fish Tank Smell

Why Does my Fish Tank Smell

While keeping fish as pets, one must keep them in an aquarium or a fish tank. But what if there is a proper set up containing the fish, the substrate and the plants inside and suddenly that fish tank starts smelling so bad?

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Possible Reasons for a Smelly Fish Tank

The following are some possible factors that can lead the fish tank to smell bad and unpleasant:

Dirty Filter

Sometimes the water in the fish tank is not clean enough to maintain good hygiene for the fish as well as the people in that environment. The water sometimes has dirt particles or the filter is not clean. This does not only irritate the fish in that aquarium or tank but also makes the tank smell bad.

It is important to change the filter if it is not clean. Otherwise, it may affect the health of the fish negatively.

Rotten or Decomposing Plants

When there are alot of plants in the aquarium, some of the plants may decompose with the passage and those unnoticed rotten plants. These plants develop a bad odour that feels unpleasant to the fish and humans nearby. 

So, it is important to keep an eye on the plants inside the tank. If any of the plants are decomposed or rotten, it is important to instantly remove that from the tank.

Leftover Food

Sometimes, people overfeed the fish and as a result a lot of food stays inside the fish tank. The leftover food then develops bacteria and other toxic substances and this eventually turns out to be the reason for a smelly fish tank. This creates a bad odour for the fish inside the aquarium as well as for the people present in the surrounding of that aquarium.

So, it is important to clean the fish tank if there is any leftover food in it. The leftover food does not only make the fish tank smell bad but also proves to be unhealthy for the fish if they eat the leftover food.

Dead Fish

Sometimes, there may be dead fish inside the tank that go unnoticed for days. The fish starts decomposing with the passage of time after its death and it leads the water to have bad odour. This does not only create an unpleasant smell for the people in the surroundings but is also hazardous for the other fish present in that fish tank.

After figuring out that there is a dead fish inside the tank, it is recommended to quickly take out the dead fish from the tank.

The Substrate

Sometimes, the substrate is the main reason for a smelly fish tank. The sand at the bottom sometimes has no oxygen and due to this, the food waste, particles, dust or bacteria get trapped in it. This creates a bad odour in that area and that smell gradually moves up making the whole water smell bad.

This requires major changes like the whole water needs to be replaced. The sand or the elements at the bottom also needs to be changed or replaced.

The Bottom-Line

There can be numerous reasons that lead the fish tank to smell bad and unpleasant including the presence of rotten or decomposed plants or leftover food, the existence of dead fish inside, use of dirty filters and old substrate. All these factors not only contribute to creating a bad odour for the fish and humans but also proves to be very unhealthy for the fish present inside the fish tank or the aquarium.

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