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5 Best Predator-Proof Outdoor Tortoise Enclosures

5 Best Predator-Proof Outdoor Tortoise Enclosures

Among all aquatic creatures, turtles are the favorite species to be kept in captivity either as a pet or to display in the aquarium. To keep them safe and healthy, if possible, the outdoor enclosure will provide them with the best living habitat. Let’s find out the best outdoor housing for the tortoise.

Best Predator-Proof Outdoor Tortoise Enclosure

The best way to keep the tortoise healthy and happy is to keep them in an outdoor enclosure because this will allow them to bask in the sun, and they will be able to absorb the maximum amount of vitamin D3 – the best for the strength of their shell and bones. Most importantly, they will be able to enjoy their freedom. Some of the best-protected enclosures for the tortoise are

1: Greenhouse

A greenhouse enclosure is best for the pet tortoise to live safely and happily because it provides bright light and enough heat to ensure healthy living. In warmer months, the greenhouse heats up more quickly which is why ventilations are kept open to prevent the tortoise from overheating. Further, the greenhouse enclosure provides them with enough space to move freely.

Additionally, the greenhouse is provided with an electric supply with approximately 2 basking lights and a tubular heater – creating the best environment for the large tortoise.

2: Sheds

Sheds are enclosures that are equipped with windows, to ventilate the excess heat. If the shed is made up of wood, the inner layer of the shed should be insulated with foil to keep the temperature in balance.

3: Combination Of Shed And Greenhouse

One of the best outdoor enclosures for the tortoise is the combination of both a greenhouse and a shed which provide the ideal habitat for the tortoise to thrive. The attachment of the greenhouse to the shed will allow the tortoise to have a relaxed walk into the outside areas. If both are not connected, then the tortoise will also have access to both – which is also workable.

4: Cold Frames

The cold frames are the best outdoor enclosers for the small tortoise especially. It works best if built on bricks, has enough space, and suspends the basking light which allows the thermostat to regulate the temperature in the cold frames. Make sure to close the frames at night to protect the tortoise from predatory animals.

5: Garden Shed

A garden shed is a cheapest and easy way to convert a safe and secure house for the tortoise. The house must be provided with additional light because it may appear to be dark, especially in the early morning. Keep the shed close when you are not around.

Final Verdict

Tortoises are one of the favorite species to be kept as a pet. Certain outdoor enclosures such as a greenhouse shed, cold frames, or garden shed, provide an ideal environment for the tortoise to live happily and healthily. Further, these enclosures provide protection to the tortoise from predatory animals as well.

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