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7 Cool Sharks amazing Facts

As we all know that there are more than 500 species of sharks that live in the oceans and seas. Depending upon the type of species, sharks vary in shape, size, behaviour, and most importantly, habitat. Some species prefer to live deep in the ocean water whereas others thrive in the mid-zone or near the shoreline.

Well, whenever you hear the word sharks, there may be a typical image of a shark that comes into your mind. But have you ever heard about COOL SHARKS? Probably not. Cool sharks are a specie of shark which lives in extreme depth and is hardly spotted by human eyes. For your interest, we are sharing interesting facts about 7 cool sharks. Here we go.

7 Cool Sharks

The detailed description of 7 Cool sharks is given below:

SharksHabitatSizeDiet ReproductionLife SpanConservational Status
Bull SharkWarm and shallow water

Depth: 100 to 450 feet.
Length: 7 to 11 feet

Weight: 200 to 500 pounds.
Small sharks, fishes, dolphins, marine mammals, turtles, and sea birds.Viviparous.20 to 30 yearsNear Threatened
Great Hammerhead SharkCoastal warm temperate and tropical waters

Depth: 262 to 984 feet.
Length: 20 feet

weight: 991 pounds
stingrays, crustacean, squid octopus,Viviparous20 to 30 yearsCritically endangered
Goblin SharkUpper continental slope
Depth: 890 to 3,150 feet
Length: 12 feet

Weight: 460 pounds.
Decapods, rattails, isopodsViviparous60 yearsLeast Concern
Frill SharkNear the sea floor

Depth: 3,300 to 5,150 feet.
Length: 7 feet

Weight: 200 pounds.
Squids, cephalopods, sharks, and bony fishes.Viviparous25 yearsLeast Concern
Bluntnose Sixgill Sharkcoastal waters

Depth:  300 to 6,152 feet.
Length: 18 feet

Weight:   1,300 pounds
Bony fishes, dolphin fish,  cod,  lampreys, hagfish,   chimeras, flounder,  raysOvoviviparous80 yearsNear Threatened
Epaulette SharkShallow waters

Depth: 50 meters.
Length: 27 to 42 inches

Weight: 6.4 pounds.
Polychaete, small fish, worms, and crustaceans.Oviparous20 to 25 yearsLeast Concern
Spinner SharkOffshore coastal water

Depth: 100 meters
Length: 6.4 feet

Weight:  49 kg
Ten pounders, tunas, anchovies, lizardfish, squid, cuttlefish, stingrays, octopus.Viviparous15 to 20 yearsNear Threatened and Vulnerable.

As you’ve made yourself familiar with 7 cool sharks in the world, it’s time to know some interesting fun facts about them.

7 Interesting And Fun Facts About Sharks

Sharks never cease to amaze humans. That’s why here we are enlisting the top 7 interesting facts about them which will not only increase your knowledge but will keep you hooked on sharks forever.

1:  Sharks have 2 sets of teeth – functional teeth or growing teeth which are arranged in multiple rows. When the functional teeth fall off, the growing teeth from the back row move forward to fill the vacant space. On average, sharks produce 35,000 to 50,000 teeth in their lifetime.

2:  All sharks vary in size – the Whale shark is the largest species of shark’s epoch with an average length of 40 feet whereas the Dwarf Lantern shark is the smallest species that can reach up to 6 to 7 inches in length.

3: The large sharks have a remarkable life span; it is recorded that Whale sharks can have an average life span of 70 years but some studies suggested that they can even live for 100 years as well.

4:  Like fishes, sharks are cold-blooded animals that are unable to regulate body temperature with their surroundings. Interestingly, some species of sharks such as The Great White shark are warm-blooded animals – they can regulate their body temperature. The uniqueness of White sharks allows them to swim faster while hunting.

5:  Sharks have always been portrayed as fearsome creatures which is why it is believed that they may attack humans for food. But that’s not true, sharks do not attack humans for food. However, they attack people only out of curiosity, or mistaken identity but once they understand the circumstances, they will set you free. How humble they are!

6:  Because of their heavy bulky body and large size, people believe that sharks require tonnes of food every day to keep their energy level high. But you will be surprised to know that sharks eat twice or thrice a week. They have a slow metabolic rate which is why they first digest the previous meal and feed only when they feel very hungry.

7:  About 100 million species of sharks have been slaughtered by humans for fins, oil, and meat all over the world. Out of 500 species, 201 are recorded as endangered species on the red list of IUCN only because of the overexploitation of one of the most important creatures of the ocean – the sharks.


There are more than 500 species of sharks living in the open waters, some species frequently visit the shorelines which is why they are easily spotted by visitors. However, few species prefer to live deep in the ocean and are rarely seen near the shoreline. These sharks are named Cool sharks including Bull sharks, Six gills’ sharks, Epaulette sharks, spinner sharks, and many more. Along with cool sharks, the article covers some of the amazing facts that will be helpful for you to understand the majestic creature in detail.

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