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The 15 Best Ocean Charities to Donate To

Best Ocean Charities to Donate To

Oceans are known to be large water bodies that support diverse aquatic and marine species. However, the beauty of the oceans is affected largely by human activities like the accumulation of waste and plastics, the destruction of fishing habitats, and the release of harmful chemicals into the large water bodies, thus disturbing the living habitats of the species.

Fortunately, there are now many charitable organizations, which are playing a significant role in cleaning the hazardous contaminants from ocean waters. If you are looking to donate to charities, here is the list of the 15 notable foundations, working tirelessly for the protection of marine life and keeping oceans clean.

1: The Bay Foundation

The Bay Foundation is a non-profitable organizational group, established in 1990, for the purpose to enhance and restore the local coastal waters around Santa Monica Bay. It collaborates with the stakeholders such as environmental organizations, governmental organizations, business executives, regional communities, and scientists, to design and implement ground-breaking initiatives to clear water bodies and restore the natural ecosystem not only under the water but on land as well.

2: Oceana Organization

One of the largest organizations all over the globe is Oceana, founded in 2001, solely devoted to conserving and preserving marine habitats. Oceana participates in initiatives to eliminate significant causes of marine debris such as mercury, oil spills, mercury, shipping emission, or aquaculture. Additionally, the group works to conserve oceanic regions that are particularly vulnerable, including the Aleutian Islands, Chile’s Juan Fernandez Islands, the Arctic, and the Mediterranean regions.

3: The Ocean Conservancy

The Ocean Conservancy organization was established in 1972 and works for protecting and preserving marine habitats, reducing the impact of human activities on the oceanic ecosystem, and refurbishment of sustainable fisheries. It also focuses on people’s awareness by educating them and advocating maintenance policies for oceanic wildlife.

4: PADI Aware Foundation

PADI Aware Foundation is one of the largest scuba diving organizations established in 1992 for the conservation of oceans. It helps in removing plastic and other harmful debris from oceans to provide clean water for the diving experience and to protect ocean life from pollutants. Up till now, this foundation has removed approximately 2 million of wreckages from the ocean water.

5: Marine Conservation Institute

Marine Conservation Institute was founded in 1996 with the purpose to encourage policymakers, researchers, and scientists to establish more protected areas for marine life. They also take the government on board to preserve and safeguard the protected areas as well as the biological diversity of the marine ecosystem.

6: Surfrider Foundation

In 1984, Surfrider Foundation was established by a group of surfers from Malibu California. This foundation focuses on the protection of ocean from the environmental threats as well as the removal of plastic from the water bodies which may otherwise affect the health of marine life and surfers. To date, they have cleared around 936 beaches and collected 3 million pounds of garbage from the coast of the United States.

7: Greenpeace Organization

Greenpeace Organization is a global institute that works to protect oceanic biodiversity, and stop environmental crimes through non-violent creative activities. It focuses on issues related to marine habitats such as the removal of plastic and pollution from ocean water. Further, it also addresses climate change, unsustainable industrial fishing practices, and ocean acidification.

8: The 5 Gyres Institute

The 5 Gyres Institute was established in 2015 to fight against the plastic pollution of the oceans by keeping a ban on plastic microbeads used in cosmetics and other skincare products.

9: The Environmental Defense Fund

The Environmental Defense Fund is the greatest environmental group in the world, which is successfully operating in 15 nations. The organization focuses on the ocean’s protection along with climate change, ecosystem maintenance, and health issues. The group aims to reduce overfishing and ensure the implementation of sustainable fishing practices in 12 countries – accounting for 70% of the world’s fish harvest. It provides intermediate assistance to the various fishing communities as well.

10: Natural Resources Defense Council

Natural Resources Defense Council was founded in 1970 by attorneys and law students who are determined to battle for clean water, clean air, and healthy living. Now, they are supported in their efforts by scientists, policymakers, and activists to protect natural resources. Moreover, they focus on preventing overfishing, enhancing ocean governance, and safeguarding significant marine regions.

11: Gili Eco Trust

Gili Eco Trust is a non-governmental local group, established in 2000, to preserve and protect the coral reefs from harmful fishing activities specifically on the Gill Islands, Indonesia.

12: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

A Washington-based marine conservation organization named Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is, founded in 2005 to protect the ocean as well as marine life. It aims for restricting and darting whaling vessels, throw bottles of foul-smelling butyric acid onto whaling vessels, and prevail in seal hunts.

13: The Sea Turtle Conservancy

By studying, teaching, campaigning, and conservating their natural ecosystems, The Sea Turtle Conservancy aims to safeguard the existence of sea turtles throughout the Caribbean, Pacific and Atlantic regions.

14: Blue Frontier Campaign

Blue Frontier Campaign is passionate to maintain the regulatory changes of the oceans especially in the United States – in the 23 coastal regions through a grassroots network of individual citizen activists. Their goal is to build the kind of solution-focused public involvement needed to protect our oceans, towns, and coastlines. To accomplish its mission, the organization holds local gatherings, runs awareness-raising initiatives, and produces publications.

15: Wild-Aid Foundation

Wild-Aid Foundation along with government agencies illicit lessons on shark finning, fishing, reducing the utilization of natural goods throughout the world, and raising local conservation awareness.

Final Thoughts

Oceans are large water bodies that serve as a life-supporting system to a diverse group of living species. Sadly, there are several factors such as the accumulation of garbage, harmful chemicals, and plastics, destroying the beauty of the oceans. Thanks to the several non-profit conservation organizations that are determined and focused to clean the oceans, saving the aquatic and marine life.

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