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Can Two Female Bettas Live Together in a Small Tank

Can Two Female Bettas Live Together in a Small Tank

It is a famous saying about betta fish that they cannot live together peacefully. In fact, when a new betta fish enters the environment where there are betta fish already existing, they instantly get into a fight. But, does this saying exactly depict reality?

It actually depends on the gender of the betta fish. The betta fish that get into fights with each other are male betta fish but surprisingly unlike the male betta fish, female betta fish can live together peacefully without quarreling with each other.

Let’s talk about the living patterns of a female betta fish in detail.

Which Kind of Living Pattern Does Two Female Betta Fish Follow?

If two betta fish are put together in a small tank, they are more likely to be friends and get along with each other rather than quarreling with each other. Even if there is some quarreling going on when a female betta fish is freshly introduced to another female betta fish, this dispute will cool down gradually. 

The female betta fish are said to be very independent and strong-willed. So, they normally keep following their own track rather than involving much in the lives of other fish. A good suggestion while introducing a betta fish to another female betta fish is to introduce one fish at a time so that they establish a good friendship gradually and then follow up with other fish the same way.

Determining the Difference Between Male and Female Betta Fish

We understood that a male and a female betta fish have different living patterns and are of a completely different nature when it comes to relationships with the betta fish of the same gender. Now, we must understand and identify the difference between a male and a female betta fish if we want to purchase them.

Baby betta fish act the same in the first two months of their birth while they establish different patterns afterward. Let’s have a look at how they develop differently:

  • When they start getting mature, they start developing a telltale that is different in males and females. 
  • The fins of a female betta fish are much shorter than those of a male betta fish.
  • Female betta fish have short and thicker bodies and male betta fish have thinner and sleek bodies. 
  • Normally, when the betta fish are grown up or mature, the female betta look larger in size as compared to the male betta.

Nature of Female Bettas as Compared to Male Bettas

Female betta fish are less aggressive as compared to male betta fish. When a mirror is placed in front of the betta fish, the female betta fish will suddenly flare in front of the mirror but will leave the mirror and move from there after some time. This is because they get bored more often compared to the male betta fish. On the other hand, the male betta fish will probably continue to flare unless the mirror is removed from that place. This is also a clear indication of the aggressive nature of the male betta and the calm nature of the female betta fish.

The Bottom-Line

Two female bettas can peacefully live together without getting into fights, unlike male bettas. The nature of female bettas is way calmer and friendlier than male bettas. Female bettas are independent and carefree and focus on their own track mostly rather than quarreling with other fish. So, even if two female bettas get into a fight for the first time they meet each other, their calm nature does not extend the fight for a longer period of time.

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