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Will A Shark Only Grow 8 Inches In A Fish Tank?

Will A Shark Only Grow 8 Inches In A Fish Tank

Sharks are considered lovely creatures to be kept in a fish tank. In an aquarium, they need proper care, diet, and environmental factors to live a healthy life. However, people may wonder does the artificial environment will affect the growth of your fish tank. Let’s find out. 

Can a Shark Outgrow its Tank? 

No! that’s not true

We have always seen that the fishes grow in size concerning the length of the fish tank. However, this is not true in the case of sharks because oversized sharks are not common for a tank. The fish tank will limit the growth of the sharks and they cannot reach their potential size. 

Will a Shark Only Grow 8 Inches in a Fish Tank? 

Yes! A shark in a fish tank will grow to a maximum size of 8 inches, however, in their natural habitat, they will reach 8 feet or even more at maximum. This is because the growth of the shark is limited by environmental factors. Further, the sharks are natural travelers and need a large space to swim whereas in tanks there is very limited space which will alter the health of these species. 

What Factors Affect the Growth of the Sharks in Tank? 

Several factors affect the growth of the shark in a tank, these are: 

Nitrates – building up of the nitrates will stunt the growth of the sharks in a tank. Approximately, 25 mg of the nitrate concentration is suitable for them. Increased concentration of nitrates will lead to the growth of algae in the tank as well – affecting the health of the sharks. 

Pheromones – these hormones play a vital role in the development of the sharks but they are put less into consideration when keeping the sharks in a tank. 

Ammonia – sharks are capable of releasing ammonia via gills. If the concentration of ammonia increases in the tank it will damage the gills (leading to suffocation) as well as the developmental process of the sharks.

Diet – Diet is another element that also imparts great influence on the growth and development of the fish. In the natural environment, the shark is free to choose what they want to eat whereas, in captivity, they feed only on what the hobbyist provides them. 

Genetics – the genetic makeup of the sharks also matters a lot. Some species are limited naturally to a particular growth which will make them suitable for the tank. 

Which Sharks are Adopted to Tank Life? 

While considering the size of the sharks, the following species are considered suitable for fish tanks: 

Rainbow Shark6 inches
Black Red-Tailed Shark6 inches
Silver Apollo Shark7 to 8 inches
Rosaline Torpedo Shark6 inches
Harlequin Shark6 inches

Final Verdict 

Yes! That’s true, sharks can only grow to an approximate length of 8 inches in a fish tank while in their natural habitat, they can grow up to 8 feet. There are certain factors such as water chemistry, diet, genetics, and of course the swimming space that limits the growth as well as the health of the sharks. 

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