Can you Tame a Shark?

Animals on land have been tamed since long, but is it possible to tame a creature inside an ocean? Well, you will feel more excited to know that sharks – the ocean beast can also be tamed but under specific conditions.

 Let’s see how the sharks are kept in captivity!

Can you Tame Sharks?

Yes! The giant predator of the ocean can also be tamed just like the other animals! Not all the species of sharks can be kept in captivity, you can tame small sharks that are not harmful to humans. Moreover, the bigger species of sharks are quite difficult to be kept outside their natural habitat because of their size and aggressive nature.

Sharks can be Tamed – How?

Depending upon the type of species, you can tame sharks by keeping the eggs of sharks in an artificial environment which will hatch after the completion of  breeding time –  a friendly small, cute baby shark will arrive on the Earth!

How do Tamed Sharks Move?

Sharks are the free swimmers of the oceans, they are not bound by any condition to live their life in the ocean. When a shark grows in a restricted surrounding, they undergo many changes only to survive. The tamed sharks move in the aquariums with the help of fish nets, they cannot move freely as they are supposed to travel in the ocean.

How to Feed Tamed Sharks?

Most of the tamed species of sharks are omnivorous that feeds on various items such as Colour Flakes, Algae Rounds, Shrimp Pellets, Aqueon Tropical Flakes, Spirulina Flakes, Bottom Feeder Tablets and Tropical Granules. Moreover, the living and frozen food are also included in their diets to increase the growth rate and to improve their colour.

What if Tamed Sharks got Injured?

Even if they get injured, the healing process is very slow because there is no food of their choice to feed on. The only way of healing tamed sharks is the regeneration of the injured part of their body – by replacing the body part with the new one! Just like surgery!

Can Tamed Sharks Breed?

Not all the creatures can be tamed but all the tamed creatures are able to breed! According to the reported data, the tamed species of sharks can breed but the breeding process is quite different from the breeding process of sharks living in the oceans.

All the Species of Sharks are not Tamed – Why?

Well, only a few species of sharks can be tamed due to some crucial reasons. All the shark species loved to thrive in the oceans, if you forced them to live outside their natural habitat, they would die!

Sharks are migratory species, they travel long distances in the open ocean water, it is quite impossible for the large species of sharks to live in captivity. Moreover, they need a large volume of water to splash it over their gills in order to breathe. Although you can tame baby sharks, they will grow larger in size and eventually you have to send them back into the ocean!

How to Care for Tamed Sharks?

If you really want to keep the sharks in captivity, then you should keep plenty of water in the aquarium so that it can cover the shark’s gills, keep the air and the environment of the tank clean and hygienic because sharks are very sensitive to the water condition.

Final Thoughts

Sharks are the animals that love to swim and thrive in the ocean water. It is quite difficult for them to live in the restricted environmental conditions due to their size and survival strategies. Sharks can be tamed but under specific conditions otherwise this may lead to the death of sharks. If you really want to keep sharks under your control then you must start from the first step – hatching of the shark’s egg in the artificial environment, so that they get used to the environment! Rather than looking for grown sharks!

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