How Smart (Or Intelligent) Are Sharks?

smart shark, Intelligent shark, shark intelligence

Sharks have, for many decades, been considered to be rather unintelligent; built and designed solely for hunting. Over recent years, though, scientists have begun to invest more interest in the lives and behaviour of these fearsome fish. As a result, it has been noted that, not only do sharks display a measure of intelligence, but … Read more

Shark Feeding – How Do Sharks Eat?

Shark feeding

There are three known methods of shark feeding. The first feeding method is known as filter feeding. Filters inside shark mouths allowing only plankton and tiny fish through. The second method of feeding is by tearing and is used for bigger pray. The last method of shark feeding is swallowing a prey as whole. 1. … Read more

The Diet Of A Shark

Shark Diet

All sharks are carnivores, which means that their diet consists of other animals. Most sharks eat living flesh, while some may eat carrion, which is made up of the remains of fish and other marine animals that have already died. Sharks are usually thought of as having huge, razor-sharp teeth, just waiting to tear through … Read more

Social Behavior Of Sharks

shark behavior

Shark behavior is increasingly becoming a matter of deeper investigation as researchers begin to delve into some of the mysteries of these notorious and beautiful predators. For many decades, researchers and scientists had very little data about the behavior of various shark species. From the experience of fishermen and divers, sharks were long thought to … Read more

Are Sharks Asexual?

Are Sharks Asexual

Asexual reproduction in sharks is also known as parthenogenesis. It refers to the female’s being able to create and sustain a shark pup without a male shark and without ever having mated. This has only ever been observed in the cases of sharks in captivity, but may well occur in the wild where there is … Read more

Distribution Of Sharks

shark distribution

Various shark species are found in all of the oceans and the vast majority of the seas of the world. There are even a few select species that are able to live and thrive in freshwater rivers. The Bull Shark and the River Shark can survive in both fresh- and saltwater due to special adaptations. … Read more

Shark Migration (Patterns & Routes)

Sharks Getting Ready To Migrate

Part of the allure of studying sharks is that behaviour like migration has been such mysteries to mankind for so long. As scientists continue to monitor and study them, every facet of information gleaned is another piece in the complex puzzle. Do Sharks Migrate? Until the tracking of these animals began, almost nothing was known … Read more

Africa’s Flying Sharks

If sharks were not terrifying enough for the average swimmer, diver and surfer, flying sharks are sure to evoke a new sense of dread. False Bay in Cape Town is home to the only group of Great White Sharks in the world that perform these leaping feats on a regular basis. However, these sizeable sharks … Read more