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Discovering the World’s Largest Goldfish: World Record Goldfish

Discovering the World's Largest Goldfish- World Record Goldfish

Did you know Goldfish was one of the very first fish species to be kept as a pet by humans? Goldfish are the most fascinating and useful creatures around the globe, known for their appearance and graceful swimming behavior. They are the most soothing pets to keep in homes.

Goldfish are the descendants of the Prussian Carp, the dull silver-colored ancestors nearly 2000 years ago. The evolution in the color of Goldfish appeared during the breeding process and the result was yellowish-orange fish rather than gray, However, the goldfish comes in various shapes, colors, and sizes. 

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What is Goldfish? Things You Should Know About Goldfish

  • Appearance of Goldfish
  • Diet of Goldfish
  • Size of Goldfish
  • Lifespan of Goldfish 

What is Goldfish? Things You Should Know About Goldfish

Goldfish are beautiful pets for so many reasons and they can live long. The scientific name given to Goldfish is Carassius auratus; they are included in the Cyprinidae family and the Carassius genus. You will find Goldfish in tanks, pools, ponds, and canals. The long-lived Goldfish mostly prefer cold water and can live in temperatures of 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The Goldfish can also live in turbid water.

1: Appearance of Goldfish

The Goldfish has a torpedo-shaped or egg-shaped body with a coppery gold color, but it also comes in contrast with other colors like black, purple, red, brown, and yellow. All types of Goldfish share a pair of pelvic and pectoral fins.  In addition to this, they have one caudal fin, one anal fin, and one dorsal fin. They have huge eyes and have the best smell and hearing senses.

2: Diet of Goldfish

The Goldfish are omnivores; they feed on both meat and plant-based food. The Goldfish feeds on mosquitoes, brine shrimp, frogs, and fish eggs. They eat algae and other types of aquatic plants. This pet should be fed food supplements and frozen foods. There are various marine animals that prey on fish like Turtles, Gulls, and Pike.

3: Size of Goldfish

The Goldfish can vary in size starting from 2 inches small to 2 feet long. Common Goldfish is one of the largest known species of Goldfish, capable of reaching up to 18 inches with 10 pounds of weight. The smallest Goldfish reaches a length of four and seven inches and is most suitable for larger aquariums. The poor conditions stunt the size of the Goldfish as the size of the Goldfish’s tank, diet, and cleanliness affect the size of the Goldfish. These fish require 30 gallons of water to grow in optimal conditions.

4: Lifespan of Goldfish 

The diet and environmental conditions affect the life span of Goldfish. On average, Goldfish living in a bowl have the shortest lifespan compared to the fish living in the aquarium. The goldfish living in the bowl has a life span of five years, while Goldfish kept in an aquarium can live up to ten years. Goldfish living in open water such as ponds can live at least 20 years or sometimes up to 30 or 40 years. The world’s oldest recorded age of Goldfish is 43 years.

Discovering the World’s Largest Goldfish: World Record Goldfish

The world’s longest Goldfish is owned by Joris Gijsbers and measures 18.7 inches from snout to tail-fin; it was recorded in Hapert, the Netherlands on 24 March 2003.

The other six largest recorded Goldfish in the world are given in the table below with the provided location:

Fish NameLengthLocation
Monster goldfish18 inchesLake Tahoe
Goldie15.7 inchesKent, England
Mike Martin’s Fish15 inchesLake St. Clair
Bruce the Red Oranda14 inches Dongguan. China

World’s Longest-Lived Goldfish

The average life span of a Goldfish is 15 to 20 years. According to the BBC news article, the Tish holds the Guinness World record for the longest-lived Goldfish. The fish reached the age of 43 years and has a size of 4.3 inches.

World’s Most Weight Goldfish

The world’s most weighed Goldfish named “The Carrot”, was caught in Bluewater Lakes in Champagne France. It is one of the most famous fisheries in the world and the fish was caught by British fisherman, Andy Hackett. The massive Goldfish is a hybrid of leather carp and koi carp goldfish that lived in this lake for two decades. This fish weighed 67 pounds; the largest Goldfish found in the world. The rich orange color of the fish makes it the most distinctive fish in the Bluewater Lakes.

Final Thoughts

The Goldfish is the type of carp that is often kept as a pet in fish bowls, aquariums, and small ponds. The average Goldfish is the coolest pet and can grow quite large. The colors of Goldfish can turn any aquarium into the center of attention. From longevity of size to various colors they never cease to amaze people.

The largest Goldfish (18.7 inches) according to the length is owned by Joris Gijsbers. The most-weight Goldfish is The Carrot, which appeared in Bluelakes somewhere in France. If the Goldfish is well taken care of, it can live up to 10 to 15 years. The longest-lived Goldfish is Tish, which reaches the age of 43 years.

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