Great White Shark Cage Diving In Cancun

Are there sharks in Cancun? This is a question asked by many people – there might be not much information available related to it. But let us tell you if there are sharks in Cancun or not. But most importantly do you want to know if there are White sharks in Cancun? If yes, then is it possible to cage dive with them? Scroll down to determine the possible level of cage diving with sharks in Cancun.

What Is The Layout Of The Cancun?

Cancun city is located in the South East of Mexico and is a significant tourist point with beautiful beaches. The climate of the city is usually dr with tropical rainy seasons. The annual temperature here is about 27.1oC and the annual rainfall recorded in this area is about 1,340 mm.

Are There Sharks In The Cancun?

Yes! Sharks are present in the Cancun waters but their occurrence is not as common as in the other oceans and seas of the world. The recorded data suggested that there are 40 different species of shark living in Cancun. The most common species of sharks thriving here are the giant Whale shark and Small Dogfish shark.

Can We Find The Great White Sharks In The Cancun?

There are few species of Great White sharks living in the Cancun waters that have been reported they are spotted in almost all the sea and oceans of the world except in the Dead Sea or The Arctic region. White sharks often visit the coastline in the search of food or for enjoyment.

Is It Possible To Cage Dive With Great White Sharks In Cancun?

The answer is….. No.

Cancun does not offer cage diving for the Great White sharks.  Guadalupe Island is the only destination place to meet the White sharks in their natural habitat. Guadalupe Island is home to 170 different species of White sharks and it offers both surface cage diving as well as deep cage diving with them in blue water with clear vision.

Is It Possible To Dive With Great White Sharks In Cancun?

No! Swimming with Great White sharks is strictly prohibited in Cancun waters because in the past there were many cases of shark attacks on people were reported. Without proper protection, large and powerful predatory animals are not safe to dive with.

What Other Sharks Lived In The Cancun?

Out of 40 different species of sharks, some of the most common sharks that are spotted in the Cancun waters are listed below:

  • Small Dogfish shark
  • Whale shark
  • Bull shark
  • Lemon shark
  • Hammerhead shark
  • Nurse shark
  • Caribbean Reef shark
  • Mako Shark


Cancun is a city in Mexico with a significant tourist point with beautiful beaches. About 40 different species of sharks live in the Cancun waters – the most prominent shark is Whale sharks whereas very few species of White sharks have also been spotted here. But Cancun does not offer to go cage diving with one of the most fascinating creatures of the ocean – the Great White shark. Instead, the Guadalupe Island of Mexico is popular for having a great number of White sharks and it also offers cage diving with the shark of your dream world.

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