Great white shark vs Blue whale – Who would win in a fight?

Great white sharks and blue whales are two distinct marine species. The former is a fish, while the latter is a mammal. Both are quite different from each other and outpower each other in some features. Let’s have a detailed look at both to know who will win a fight between the two.

Great White Shark Vs Blue Whale

1: Size

Great white sharks can grow to be 20 feet long. Blue whales, on the other hand, are enormous. These creatures can grow to be 100-110 feet tall. Blue whales are actually larger than the largest megalodon (58.7 feet) that ever occurred.

2: Bite Force

Great white sharks have a bite force of 4000 pounds per square inch. These sharks have the world’s second-strongest biting force. However, unlike sharks, blue whales do not have teeth, therefore they do not need to bite their prey in order to ingest them.

Blue whales have developed baleens, which aid in the filter-feeding mechanism, in place of teeth. Blue whales graze similarly to basking sharks because they are both filter feeders.

3: Speed

Great white shark cruise at the speed of 25mph while Blue whales can swim at only 5mph and might accelerate their speed at 20mph, while great white sharks often move at bursts of 35mph.

Who Would Win In A Fight – A Great White Shark Or A Blue Whale?

Based on the difference in size, we can say that the blue whales will win the fight with the great white sharks. But if we look at the aggressive nature and bite force of these creatures, it would be safe to say that great white sharks are more aggressive and will win the fight against blue whales, if they manage to put them down.

Do Blue Whales Eat Great White Sharks?

While most whales are unlikely to actively pursue sharks, sharks or their parts have been identified in the stomach contents of specific cetacean species on rare occasions (other than killer whales), so we can expect that at some point, blue whales might feed on great white sharks.

The Final Word

Blue whales outsize the great white sharks, thus, it can be expected that blue whales will win the fight. However, great white sharks are more aggressive, so the scenario could be reversed as well. Though whales do not feed on great white sharks, there are some speculations that they might do. So, only a fight between the two can reveal the truth.

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