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A Guide To Bass Fishing Soft Plastics

A Guide To Bass Fishing Soft Plastics

There are many types of bait available in the market for fishing a bass of your choice. Among all, soft plastic baits are the most commonly used by anglers and fishermen. These soft plastic baits come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and lengths that aids anglers to target bass in any environmental condition. For beginners, we have compiled different types of soft plastic baits that will navigate the way toward effective and versatile baits for bass fishing. 

A Guide To Bass Fishing Soft Plastics

The soft plastic baits are made by combining plastic, salt, and glitter, to mount them in a particular shape that resembles the shape of the prey which will easily attract the bass. Different types of soft plastics bait commonly available in the market exclusively designed for bass fishing are:

1: Beaver Baits

These baits are also named Brush hogs because they are compact structures made up of thick but soft plastics, having multiple appendages attached to them. Mostly the shape of these baits looks like a crawfish that have an oval shape ribbed appearance. These baits work efficiently in the docks, thick vegetation, and heavy covers because it is designed in such a way that they can slide through a section of water without snagging. 

2: Soft Plastic Worms

These baits look like a worm, making it easy for the anglers to grab the attention of the anglers towards it. These plastic baits vary in shape as well as in length. The baits lure the bass by producing vibration through the flapping of the tail and moving through the water. some of the popularly used plastic worms are sickle, twister, ribbon, straight, and paddle-shaped worms.

3: Tube Baits

The tube baits are hollow soft plastic bodies that are round in shape from one side and are open-ended from the other, having multiple tentacles emerging from them. These baits are designed with liquid fishing scents that work excellently to attract the bass from a distance. The size of the tube bait ranges from 3 to 6 inches, however, trophy anglers use a tube bait of about 8 inches.

4: Jerkbaits

These baits have a small slim shape which either has a straight tapering or forked-shaped tail. The jerk baits are used to imitate the injured bass especially. The flexibility of these baits makes them one of the most favored lures for bass fishing.

5: Craws

Craws, as the name indicates, a soft plastic bait that looks like a crawfish, giving it a top priority in the fishing industry. Though these are available in several sizes and colors the effective working of the baits depends upon the fishing locality. These baits are used to catch the largemouth and smallmouth basses as Crawfish is the favorite food item of these basses.

6: Creatures Baits

These types of baits make an ambiguous category of baits as they do not have any one particular shape, however, they do bear many components which resemble other baits. One monster bait design, for example, includes an upper portion mimicking a lizard’s body, and the lower body resembles the pinchers of the crayfish. The distinctive shape of the baits makes them an excellent choice for fishing in pressured waters where basses may get attracted to popular baits like lizards or worms.

7: Stick Bait

These baits look like a worm but are made up of thick soft plastics, giving them a rigid texture. The size, shape, style, and appearance of the stick bait vary, making them one of the most preferred items for anglers to power the weightless rigging style of soft plastic.

8: Toads

These baits are also a type of soft plastic baits which are used to look for bass in the heavy vegetation as well as on the upper surface of the water near the shoreline. The toad-looking unique style of soft plastic was used for fishing purposes long ago and rapidly gain popularity among the fishermen who enjoyed ‘buzzing’ the lure over the water’s surface. Even today, the soft plastic toad is still a viable alternative for angling in the same buzz style.

9: Trailers  

Trailers are another best option to choose for bass fishing. The design of these baits comes in different forms such as having chuck legs, twister tails, and claws. These baits efficiently attract the bass by producing flapping and vibratory motion in the water.

10: Lizard Baits

This is a type of soft plastic bait that looks like a lizard, having four limbs, and a tail which by flapping motion produces vibrations in the water current to attract the bass. These baits have a large body which makes them one of the best options for catching a big fish.

Bottom Line

When it comes to bass fishing, there are many options for baits available in the market, however, the soft plastic baits such as beave, worms, tube, jerk baits, craws, creatures, stick bait, toads, trailers, and lizard baits are the best to attract the bass. So, by selecting the color and the type of bait, you will be going to have something stuck in your rig.

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