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A Quick Guide to Skirted Jigs for Bass Fishing

A Quick Guide To Skirted Jigs For Bass Fishing

Fishing a giant bass via jig is one of the versatile and easy techniques to attract the fish. All over the globe, either in large or small water bodies, bass jigging works best in any situation. The skirted jigs are small mimics of the baits like crawfish or baitfish to lure the bass. In this article, you will find some of the most common skirted jigs used for bass fishing.

Skirted Jigs – What is it?

The skirted jig is a kind of bait that is uniquely designed, resembling a crawfish or a baitfish. These baits have shaded or bluegills which easily attract the bass. Further, the versatility and the unbreakable strength of the bait may sometime lead to holding a giant bass.

A Quick Guide to Skirted Jigs for Bass Fishing

Some of the most commonly used skirted jigs for bass fishing are:

1: Casting Jig

These jigs have unique rounded Arkie shapes with flat bottom heads strong enough to hit the bottom with full force, producing a loud sound. The jig bears wire weeds which provide it extreme power. The jig is about 3/8 to ½ ounce heavy. The jig does not contain a rattle to produce sound for attracting the bass. the common casting jigs are grubs, creatures, and craws.

2: Grass Jig

As the name indicates, this jig works efficiently on the green stuff such as around the grasses. It has a conical head with a line mounted on the top, and a wire hook, allowing the jig to hunt without getting stuck in the grasses. The size of the jig ranges from ¼ to 1 ½ ounces.

3: Football Jig

This jig is designed to drag along the rocky bottoms of the water bodies. The jig bears a pigskin-shaped head and a sharp hook that hit the rocks to produce sounds. The football jig is about 3/8 to 1 ounce heavy. These jigs are used to trim covers or weeds, ensuring a better hookup of the bass around them.

4: Flipping Jig

These remarkable jigs are designed to hook the bass hiding around the bushes or wood lodges. The size of the jig ranges from 3/8 to 1 ounce, and has a gauge hook and snout, giving it an ideal shape. These jigs are equipped with rattles that gain bass attraction by producing a soothing sound.

5: Finesse Jig

These jigs perform well in areas in cold waters with high angler activity and a large number of bass. They typically weigh 3/16 to 14 ounces – have a compact ball-shaped head, light wire hooks, and spider-cut skirts. These baits are killer when paired with creature baits and small craws.

Final Verdict

There are many jigs available in the market which work effectively for bass fishing, however, the best-skirted jigs used for the same purpose are the Casting Jig, Grass Jig, Football Jig, Flipping Jig, and Finesse Jig. The skirted jig is a kind of bait that is uniquely designed, resembling a crawfish. These exceptional jigs are gaining popularity as they are used by bass anglers in tournaments as bait and might increase the success rate of catching large bass.

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