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How Much Do Koi Fish Cost

how much do koi fish cost

Koi fish is known to be a highly expensive fish type and is considered one of the most costly fish among all fish. There are many reasons why koi fish is very expensive. Koi fish is also very popular for its beauty and somehow one of the reasons behind its high cost is its beauty. The price of the koi fish in dollars ranges from almost “ten dollars to ten thousand dollars”.

Like all the other kinds and species of fish, the cost of koi fish depends on its age, color, and health. Small fish costs less than large or older fish. Koi fish is so expensive that some people invest in koi fish by first breeding them and then selling healthy koi fish at a great price.

Types of Koi Fish and Their Prices 

As stated earlier, different types of koi fish cost differently. Let’s highlight some most common types of koi fish and discuss their current market prices:


Asagi is a type of koi fish. Its cost ranges from almost four hundred and fifty dollars to one thousand dollars. It is one of the most expensive fish available in the market and this is in fact the oldest koi fish type. Asagi fish have non-metallic scales that are formed in diamond-shaped patterns.


Doitsu is also another type of koi fish. This type of koi fish costs around five hundred dollars. Doitsu is different from the types of koi fish because of its scaleless body. It also has various colors like the other types of koi fish.

Platinum Ogon

Platinum Ogon is also one of the most expensive types of the koi fish. Its cost ranges from five hundred to almost one thousand dollars. This kind of koi fish has white skin color and there are no markings or patterns on its skin. It grows from almost twenty-four inches to its maximum length of almost thirty-six inches.


Ginrin is a fish with sparkling scales. Its cost ranges from one hundred and fifty to four hundred dollars depending on the size, colors, and age of the fish. Ginrin fish has a lot of variety of colors. The patterns are also different in different Ginrin fish. The smallest Ginrin fish is probably twelve inches wide and it grows to almost thirty six inches as its maximum length.

Taisho Sanke

Taisho Sanke is a type of koi fish that has white skin and red and black marks in it. Its price ranges from almost fifty to three hundred dollars. Its minimum length is twenty-four inches and it grows to the maximum of its length of thirty-six inches. Taisho Sanke is so far the most costly fish among all the other types of koi fish.


Matsuba fish also falls in the category of koi fish. These fish have a variety of different colors and the cost of this fish in dollars ranges from almost one hundred to two hundred dollars. Some larger-size Matsuba fish cost a lot more than this.

The Bottom Line

There are numerous types of “koi fish” and the cost of the koi fish depends on the type of koi fish. Moreover, the cost of each type of koi fish depends on its “size“, “color“, and “age“. Koi fish is considered to be the fish species that is one of the most expensive ones. People even breed koi fish as an investment to sell them when they reach a certain size and age.

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