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How to Add Oxygen to Fish Tank

How to Add Oxygen to Fish Tank

Water also has oxygen in it that keeps the aquatic creatures breathe in the water. A decreased oxygen level in the water can create suffocation and make it difficult for the fish and the other aquatic living things to breathe properly. When they are unable to breathe properly, they eventually die because of suffocation. Fish normally die because of low oxygen levels in water in summers because when the water is warmer, it can not contain high oxygen levels. So, the people that have pet fish in their houses need to take care of the comfort of their fish while they breathe as much as they care about their food and other living necessities. 

Here we discuss some important tricks that can help increase the oxygen levels in water.

add Oxygen to Fish Tank

Useful Ways to Increase the Level of Oxygen of the Water

Normally fish require five to seven parts per million of oxygen to survive comfortably. But, if it decreases to a level lower than this, that will create trouble for the fish. The following are some useful suggestions to increase the oxygen levels of water in which you have you pet fish:

Change the Water

If you change almost fifty percent of the tank water, it makes the environment fresh for the fish and also decreases the chances for the fish to die of low oxygen levels. Because the fresh water that is not warmer probably has high levels of oxygen in it. If you notice that the fish is feeling uncomfortable in breathing for an extended period of time, it is also recommended to change the water entirely and then observe if it feels comfortable. 

Add Some Ice Cubes

Adding ice cubes in the fish tank may look weird but it can definitely help the fish breathe easily and increase the oxygen level in the water. However, the amount of ice being added must be considered as adding the ice in the amount larger than that required can also harm the fish. Fish need a certain level of temperature for their survival. Fish feel stressed in the water with low temperature. So, it is always important to keep the temperature of the water moderate and exactly equal to the levels required for the fish to live happily.

Stir the Water

Surprising but true, stirring the water can increase the oxygen level of the fish tank. This is because of the fact that fast moving water has a high level of oxygen as compared to still water that is not moving. This is recommended for the situations where it is difficult to replace the old water with the freshwater. You can stir the water using a spoon for a few seconds but remember to keep the fish safe from stress while you stir the water.

Use a Battery Powered Air Pump

Using an air pump that provides oxygen and that runs on battery is a great idea. You will not have to care much about the oxygen level of the water in which you keep your fish as a battery based air pump will not create problems in case of electric outrage and will make it reliable for the fish to breathe and survive in their required temperature.

Use a Hang-on-Back Filter

Hang-on-Back Filters are very commonly used by the people who have fish as their pets because they are very easy to use. The HOB filter increases the oxygen level of the water and makes the temperature of the water compatible with the breathing patterns of the fish inside.

The Bottom-Line

With the other living necessities of the pet fish, it is also important to consider the breathing patterns of the fish because lack of oxygen in the water can kill the fish. Luckily, there are some suggestions for the people who own pet fish to increase the oxygen level of the water for instance, adding a moderate amount of ice cubes in the water, changing the water by replacing it with fresh water, stirring the water and using the battery power air pumps or hang-on-back filters.

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