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How do Fish Communicate?

How do Fish Communicate

Every living thing communicates to maintain a good social pattern and lifestyle, may it be about human beings, birds or animals. Communication is not restricted to only talking and listening but all the verbal and non-verbal gestures are considered as the forms of communication. Similarly, fish communicate with each other and with the other creatures in the water in different ways. Some of the species of fish communicate verbally by talking to each other. They have different voice frequencies. So, the voice of all the kinds of fish cannot be heard by every creature.

Fish communicating

Ways in Which Fish Communicate 

Fish communicate in various ways according to the nature and species of the fish as well as according to the situation they face. Let’s discuss the major and the most common ways in which fish communicate:

By Producing Sound 

Mostly, fish communicate by talking or by producing sound waves like most living things. But, most of the time the sound waves produced while the fish talk to each have low frequencies that cannot be heard by human beings and some animals. 

By Changing Their Color

Fish are also known for changing their colors easily according to the situation they face. Most of the fish can change their color in changing situations, for instance, they may brighten or darken their color to signal other fish about something. Similarly, they signal the predator by changing their color to acknowledge them that they have already detected and they may fight back.

By Moving 

Motion is also yet another form of communication amongst the communities of fish. Fish sometimes communicate by their body language to tell the other fish anything interesting they have found or to signal the fish about a predator trying to approach them. Similarly, some pet fish when they are hungry may move in a certain pattern to make the owner understand that they need food.

By Producing Electrical Impulses

Some fish also have this rare ability to produce electrical impulses in the water to tell something or to signal about something. The very well known fish for producing electrical impulses are eels. They have three electrical organs that produce electrical impulse. They produce electrical impulses mostly to signal the predators to warn them about the counter attack they can do and to warn them to stay away.

Through Bioluminescence 

Some kinds of fish can emit light through their bodies and they use this potential to communicate with other creatures in the water mostly in the bottom of the sea where it is dark and it is difficult to see the other fish and other creatures. So, the fish use their light to signal other fish. The fish also sometimes signal the predators through light to warn them to stay away.

The Bottom-Line 

Fish communicate in different ways with each other as well as with the other creatures present in their environment. Fish may use sound to talk to the other fish. They may use light to signal other fish to indicate something. They also change their body language in order to indicate or signal something. Interestingly, some fish can emit light and some can produce electrical impulses to indicate something to the other fish as well as to warn a predator about the counter attack.

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