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How to Get Fish Smell Out of House?

How to Get Fish Smell Out of House

Some kinds of food when cooked leaves a pungent smell in the area where it is cooked. Fish is also one of those foods that have an unpleasant odour before it is cooked and it most of the time remains in the environment. Therefore, in the kitchens of many restaurants where the fish is served as a food, there is a strong and unpleasant odour. Similarly, when the fish is cooked at home, may it be cooked, baked, fried or steamed, it leaves bad odour in the house. 

Let’s discuss some useful ideas to get rid of the smell of fish in the house.

Ways to Rid of Fish Smell

People consider various methods to get rid of the fish smell. Here are some most commonly considered and useful ways to do so:

Wash all the Dishes Properly

After preparing the fish as food, it is wise to wash all the dishes immediately so that the odour does not become stronger and does not spread to distant places. Similarly after eating the prepared fish, it is important to immediately wash the dishes in which the fish has been served. Washing dishes earlier and immediately reduces the chances of the odour to become pungent and unpleasant to such an extreme level that it becomes difficult to get rid of it.

Throw the Trash out of the House

When the fish or any other type of food is cooked, there must obviously be some trash left behind. And that trash when left inside the house for long makes the smell even worse. So, that trash must need to be thrown out of the house immediately in order to avoid spreading of a pungent smell in the kitchen as well as in the house. 

Turn the Exhaust Fan On

A very common way adopted by a vast number of people to get the smell of any kind of food or trash from the kitchen out is to turn the exhaust fan on. It will be great if the exhaust fan forces the air out of the house directly. But, if it is located in such a way that it forces the air out in any other area of the house, it is important to open the doors of that room or area also, so that the odour gets out of the house rather than just moving from one place to the other.

Place a Bowl of Vinegar 

Vinegar is believed to be an odour-neutralizer that helps reduce the unpleasant smell present in the environment by absorbing it. A bowl full of vinegar can be placed at the place where the smell is stronger as compared to the other areas. The area that is the most smelly is the place where it has been cooked or watched mostly. But, it should be placed in a safe place so that it does not fall down accidentally by a person.

The Bottom-Line

Fish often leaves a smell or a bad odour in the environment where it is cooked, baked or fried. The smell eventually spreads throughout the house making it unpleasant for the people living in the house. So, it is important to get that bad smell out of the house and to do that, there are some useful ideas like immediately washing all the dishes, immediately throwing the fish trash out of the house, turning the exhaust fan on and placing a bowl full of vinegar in the kitchen.

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