How To Make Shark Tooth Necklace?

Woohoo! How beautiful it is – look!

The shark tooth necklace.

There is no better way to express your love for sharks than by wearing a piece of jewelry made up of sharks’ teeth, especially the Necklace. The shark tooth necklace looks simple but so attractive with any costume. But from where you can get it?  You would think that definitely by ordering it from different stores or websites. Right?

What if I tell you that you can make it your own? All you need is a few things, your skills, and time. If this sounds something interesting, then keep on reading to make your Shark Tooth Necklace.

How To Make Shark Tooth Necklace?

You can easily make a Shark Tooth Necklace by following the procedure step by step:

Step # 1:  Choose A Shark Tooth.

The first step to making a shark’s tooth is to choose a tooth. Avoid small-sized teeth, go for the larger ones because it is easy to assemble the large-sized tooth. Secondly, the large tooth is more visible than the smaller one. Well, this is a suggestion only, otherwise, it all depends upon your preferences, which size of the tooth you choose to make a beautiful necklace for yourself.

Step # 2:  Material Needed To Make A Shark Tooth Necklace.

For making an elegant shark tooth necklace, you need the following things:

  • 1:  Sharks tooth of any size of your choice.
  • 2:  A wire – about 8 to 10 inches long.
  • 3:  A leathery cord
  • 4:  A hook
  • 5:  Beads

Step # 3:  Making A Necklace

Once you have all the items listed above, follow the listed steps to create a gorgeous necklace.

  • 1:  First, take a piece of wire, and wrap the front side of the shark’s tooth with it.
  • 2:  Now take the two ends of the wire and tighten up at the back of the tooth.
  • 3:  Make a loop with the wire at the top of the tooth and pass the cord through it.
  • 4:  After passing a thick leather cord through the loop, now attach a hook at both ends of the necklace.
  • 5:  Beads are optional, if you want to make a combo of beads and teeth then add them one after the other. One bead – one tooth.

And you are done. You have just created the new shark tooth necklace on your own. Hurrah!


Creating and wearing a necklace made up of shark’s tooth is a way to express and show off your love for sharks. The selection of the tooth depends upon your personal choice either you choose the small tooth or the large one. If you are so damn interested, then you need some basic stuff mentioned above to create a beautiful and stylish necklace.

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