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How to Spool Fishing Line on a Reel?

Spool Fishsing Line

Spinning reels varies in size as well as in design, but loading the reel with the suitable type of line without breaking or tangling is an advantage for anglers or fishermen to catch large bass. The key to success is to spool the fishing line properly on a reel. let’s see how it works. Scroll down!

How To Spool Fishing Line On A Reel

To put a line on a spinning reel, the whole procedure is divided into three basic steps:

1:  Choose The Fishing Line:

For mounting a fishing line on a spinning line, choose the type of line, it could be:

  • Monofilament:  This line is the best to choose from because of its flexibility and floating ability. This line is best to catch a live bass.
  • Fluorocarbon: This line is effective for catching bass in steady water bodies, where it is easily visible.
  • Braided:  These lines work efficiently as the components form the shape of a braid, which makes them clear to see and prevents them from sinking. It cannot break easily because of flexibility and can be accomplished to a great casting distance.

2:  Mount The Reel:

To load a line on a spinning reel following steps should be followed:

  • First, take a reel and turn the wheel to see the turning direction of the reel to spool the line.
  • Now open the bail by turning the handle upside down.
  • Circle down the rod by passing the line through the crimps and secure the spool.

3:  Spool The Spinning Reel:

The spool of the rods must be done by:

  • Put the spool on the surface by closing the bail in such a way that the tag should be visible on the top.
  • Now close the bail and put the spool on the surface so that the tag should be on the upper
  • Next is to crank the reel carefully to load the line.
  • From the rim, fill the spool with about 0.3 cm.
  • Lastly, secure the line by using a rubber band.

Your spinning reel is ready!

What To Remember While Spooling?

While giving a try to spooling a spinning reel take care of:

  • Closing the bail manually to tighten the loops without slacking.
  • Never reel against the dragging force it may break the reel.
  • The lines should be maintained properly so that nothing gets stuck in them while fishing.

Bottom Line

To spool a new fishing line on a spinning reel is a bit difficult task to perform or it sometimes seems to be almost impossible for beginners. However, following the guideline explained in the article above will be helpful to mount a line on a reel easily anywhere or anytime.  Why don’t you give it a try?

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