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How To Hook A Minnow (Step-By-Step Guide)

How To Hook A Minnow

Most anglers would not use the minnows when going fishing because they find it a bit challenging as well as tricky. After all, more effort is required when using minnows as baitfish as compared to the other baits which can easily hook the target. Despite all this, minnows are one of the popular choices and the best bait among fishermen. Let’s study what makes minnows the most popular and how to hook them.

What Is Minnow?

Minnows is a term that is used to refer to the family of baitfish, scientifically known as Cyprinidae. These are tiny creatures that live in a freshwater habitat. These species are easy to catch and are probably the best source of food for many other large basses – making them a perfect bait.

What Is Require For Hooking A Minnow?

To hook a minnow, the following are the essential tools are required:

  • Fresh Bait
  • Hook
  • Fishing line
  • Right tackle

How To Hook A Minnow?

The minnows can be hooked in multiple ways:

1:  In The Tail: The best way to hook the minnow is through the middle of the tail by passing a thread. This allows the minnow to move freely in the water naturally to attract the bass.

2:  In The Back:  You can hook a minnow in the back exactly under the dorsal fins but be careful if you get deeper towards the lateral line, it might break the backbone of the minnows.

3:  In The Lips:  Hooking a minnow on the lips just under the mouth, allow the fish to move naturally in the water. Moreover, the bass bites the head of the bait, so you will immediately track the target.

4:  In The Eyeball:  One way is to hook a minnow through the socket of the eyeball and bring it carefully out of the mouth. This hooking technique applies to dead minnows. It provides strength to the bait and prevents it from sinking.

5:  In The Gills: This hooking is also done on a dead minnow by passing the thread from the mouth first and then taking it out from the gills. This is quite an easy way to hook a minnow which allows you to retrieve back smoothly once the bass bites the bait.

What Makes Minnow As An Effective Bait?

Minnows are considered an effective bait because they are the favorite food of many fishes that’s why they can be used to target a bass throughout the year. Moreover, these species are abundantly available and can be easy to catch. One advantage of using minnows as a lure is that they are easy to rig on hooks and will stay hooked even in strong currents.

What Limits The Minnows To Be Used As A Bait?

Some of the limitations of using a minnow as bait are:

  • They do not always work effectively to attract bait.
  • They are perishable, which means they can rot and produces a foul smell quickly.
  • It is a bit difficult to keep them alive.
  • The smaller size of the minnow makes it difficult to catch them.
  • To use minnows as live bait requires legal authorization from local fishing communities.

Final Verdict

Minnows are small creatures that are effectively used to lure a bass. There are several ways to hook minnows – you can either hook them on the tail, back, lips, eyeball, or on gills, depending upon how you want to use them. However, be cautious while hooking a minnow because these are commonly used as living bait, so a minor mistake can make you lose these precious creatures.

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