Largest Blue Whale Recorded

Blue whales are the largest marine mammal that belongs to a group of Baleen whales – these sharks do not have teeth, instead, they have baleen plates that help them in chewing and swallowing their prey. The species are sighted in the open waters of the North Pacific Ocean and along the coastal region of the North Atlantic Ocean, and the Indian Ocean. The remarkable size of the gigantic creature set up a world record. Scroll to gain information about the world records made by The Blue Whale. 

Largest Blue Whale Recorded

According to the reported data, the Blue whales are the largest species of whales that can in general range in size from 80 to 100 feet or 24 to 30 meters in length but the largest species of the Blue whale measures about 108 feet or 30 meters in length. You can imagine the size of the whale by placing 3 school buses in a series.

How Heavy Is The Largest Blue Whale?

Generally, the weight of Blue whales measures about 90,000 to 136,000 kg, or 100 to 150 tonnes. But the weight of the largest specimen of the Blue whale is about 441,000 pounds or 200,000 kg or 220 tons. You can compare the size by placing 30 or even more African bush elephants of 6 tonnes together. Incredible!

 The Record-Breaking Biology Of The Blue Whale

Despite length and weight, many biological factors are important for setting up a world record. Such as:

  • Blue whales have the heaviest tongue that weighs nearly 4 tonnes or 8,800 pounds.
  • The weight of the brain of the Blue whale is about 15 pounds or 6 kg heavy – 5 times heavier than the human brain weigh 3 pounds.
  • The upper jaws contain 400 baleen plates made up of keratin protein which helps the whales to swallow the prey without chewing.
  • Heart – the pumping organ of the Blue Whales weighs about 1,500 pounds or 680 kg.
  • The lungs of the gigantic creature have the capacity of 5,000 liters or 1,320 US gallons to hold oxygen for breathing.
  • Just the tail of the Blue whale measure a size of 7.6 meters or 25 feet.


Blue whales are roaming in the ocean water for approximately 1.5 million years ago and are the largest marine mammal ever to live on the planet. The size of the Blue Whales is even larger than the size of the dinosaurs. The remarkable length, weight, and size of the various organs help the whale set a world record for being the largest Blue Whale ever recorded.

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