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4 Must-Have Baits For Big Post Spawn Bass

4 Must-Have Baits For Big Post Spawn Bass

Most anglers slow down their fishing practices and wait for the spring season to meet the basses. This is because spring is a post-spawning season, and has favorable water temperature thus the number of basses gradually increases, and the chances to attract a large bass rise. Here, in this article, the 4 best baits have been enlisted which will increase the success rate of catching a bass. 

4 Must-Have Baits For Big Post Spawn Bass

The 4 must-have baits that will be proven to be successful for fishing during a post-spawn season by many anglers are:

1: Crankbaits

These baits are highly effective for catching bass in almost all seasons but work excellently in the post-spawning season to attract the bass. After the spawning period, the crankbaits swim deliberately in the shallow waters to trigger the bites from the finicky basses. The square bill crankbait is best to lure the bait as it dives deeply and produces wobbles in the water bodies to attract the bass.

2: Topwater Baits

Topwater baits go hand in hand to catch the bass in the post-spawning season. These baits have the finest swimming actions which when cast correctly, allow the anglers to catch a fish mostly present near the covers in the shallow waters. One of the best examples is the top water frog which attracts the basses easily and can work efficiently in the lily pads, heavy covers, and matted grasses – these are the areas in which basses usually relax in the post-spawning season.

3: Spinnerbaits

These are the baits that many anglers also suggest who are fishing in the spring season. When the spawning period is about to end, the basses remain in the shallow waters, at that time, the spinnerbaits work efficiently. These baits can catch bass that is found living or hiding around the grasses, heavy covers, or bushes, where other baits fail to work properly. This is because the spinnerbaits are equipped with sharp blades which chop the highly cupped surfaces. Additionally, these baits produce vibrations in the water current, which are quite effective to trigger the bass.

4: Soft Plastic Worms Baits

Plastic worms are a very effective type of bait because most of the bass feed primarily on living worms. These baits are proven to be the killer ones for the basses, especially in the post-spawning season. These baits when cast, do not hang up in the grasses or weeds. These baits when hitting the rocks produce a sound that attracts the bass easily.

Final Words

The post-spawning season is the most exciting fishing time for the angler to catch a bass. This is because during this time zone the number of basses in the shallow waters increases. Interestingly, using the best baits like crankbaits, topwater baits, spinnerbaits, and soft plastic worm baits will increase the success rate of catching the giant bass or even the bass of your choice as well. 

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