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4 Spinnerbait Trailers You Should Try This Year

Spinnerbait Trailers You Should Try This Year

If you wish to catch a large and aggressive bass, Spinnerbait is the best choice. The spinnerbait is suitable while swimming in the stained and murky waters especially when the basses are highly active year around. The spinnerbait works excellently when linked with the trailer. This article revolves around the 4 best spinnerbait trailers which might increase the chance of anglers catching a large bias. 

Spinnerbait Trailer – What Is It?

Spinnerbait trailers are lures made up of soft plastic, added to the hook of the bait to attract the chosen fish. These trailers are significantly used when dreaming of catching large bass and are helpful to search large water bodies. Well, it is not necessary to add the trailers to the spinnerbait every time going for fishing, however, it is recommended specifically when fishing in murky and musky water bodies.

What Are The 4 Spinnerbait Trailers You Should Try This Year?

The 4 most commonly used spinnerbait trailers are:

1:  Strike King Blade Minnow Trailer

Strike king blade minnow is the phenomenal type of trailer that is used on blade baits. The trailer looks like a darting fish that has a segmented body, trying to dough the predator. This movement works effectively to attract the attention of largemouth bass.

2: Swimbaits

In the market, the swimbaits are the most commonly used trailers for fishing purpose, as these appear in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles – some looks like baitfish while other are designed to drag the jig-head. These trailers look exactly like a fish, with a baitholder and a hook. The vibratory motion of the trailer fish attracts the bass efficiently.

3: Soft Plastic Worms

Another best choice is to use the trailers of the worm shape on the swimbait. The worm has a nose hook, preferred by many anglers. These trailers are also sold in a variety of colors and shapes. Approximately, 3 to 4 worms are used at one time to drag the bass toward the bait.

4: Big Bite Baits Jerk Minnow Trailer

The big bite baits jerk minnow spinnerbait trailer is made up of high-quality material which works successfully in a realistic manner under the water. The trailer has bite juice which quickly drags the attention of the bass, once bitten. These baits are preferable in the spring season when the bass are highly active.

Is It Necessary To Add a Trailer To The Spinnerbait?

Well, it depends upon certain factors to let you decide whether to add a trailer or not.

Add trailer when:

  • Fishing in the cold water
  • Fishing in murky and stained water
  • Fishing deep and slowly
  • Need a bigger bass

Not to add trailer when:

  • Using a hook for a trailer 
  • Fishing in a clear water
  • Fishing fast
  • Using finesses strategies

Where To Fish Via Spinnerbait Trailer?

There are several localities where the spinnerbait trailers work effectively, as in these areas the bass usually hide.

  • Points with high ridges
  • Laydowns
  • Vertical timber
  • Stumps
  • Grass mats
  • Boulders or rock piles
  • Docks
  • Submerged weeds
  • Brush piles
  • Bridge pilings
  • Manmade habitats

Final Words

The 4 most popular types of spinnerbaits are the strike king blade minnow trailer, swimbaits, soft plastic worms, and big bite baits jerk minnow trailer. Spinnerbaits trailers are small baits made up of soft plastic to attract and catch a large bass, especially in stained and murky water bodies. However, it is not necessary to add a trailer whenever going fishing. If you use the recommended trailers, you might catch a giant bass via spinnerbaits.

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