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The Neko Rig_ How To Rig Bass Fishing Soft Plastics?

The Neko Rig - How To Rig Bass Fishing Soft Plastics

In the world of bass fishing, the Neko rig is a comparatively modern phenomenon followed by anglers and fishermen. The anglers depend upon this equipment to catch a bass of their choice. More details about the Neko rig and recommendations for maximizing its potential are provided in this article.

What Is Neko Rig?

The Neko Rig is a simple worm-shaped piece of thin plastic with a load attached at one end. The Neko rig often referred to as a “nail-weighed wacky rig,” consists of a lightweight plastic stick lure that has been oddly hooked and has a drywall screw, finisher clip, or line wire worms loaded on the one end.

How Does Neko Rig Works?

The Neko rig, after inserting a nail in it, falls faster toward the bottom in a gliding and darting manner. Once it touches the ground, the rig rises from one end and the little shakes of the tip make it jump to hit the lure. On deep structures like ledges, deep docks, drop-off points, or humps, the Neko rig works excellently. Fish frequently hit the Neko rig on the fall, so pull in tightly after the line settles down and give it a few bounces; if it does not bite, then pull it toward the bottom.

How To Rig A Neko Rig?

A Neko Rig can be made with your preferred flexible plastic hook lure that looks like worms that have been rigged and added weight towards the ends, looking like a screw, metal nail, or specially designed tungsten or leads Neko rig. The loaded end then bounces on the bottom and strikes the tempting fish.

What Are The Components Of The Neko Rig?

The Neko rig is composed of the following components:

  • Bait
  • Weight
  • Rings
  • Hooks

How To Fish The Neko Rig?

Likewise, first of all, use sonar to enhance fishing skills in turbid water. The single one-sided weight of the Neko rig helps in presenting the lure in a manner that allows hanging fish to be caught. The chances of striking the fish increases by increasing the weight and stirring up the bottom sediments.

After that, throw the Neko Rig out and keep an eye on your line as it descends. As the lure approaches, twist the hook slightly, and give several light shakes on a semi-slack line if it reaches the bottom without being struck. Continue the procedure till a fish accepts your offer, then let it sink back to the bottom.

What Are The Tips For Effective Neko Rigging?

The significant tips which must be followed while dealing with the Neko rig are:

  • Use a Crossover Ring
  • Use a Neko rig during a tough bite
  • Use a smooth “reel set” to drive hooks home
  • Position the Crossover Ring further up on the worm
  • Use a medium-power spinning rod with a braided mainline and fluorocarbon leader

Bottom Line

The Neko Rig is a simple worm-shaped piece of thin plastic with a load attached at one end. The main purpose while dealing with the Neko rig is to keep the weight towards the bottom, such that the lure will maintain its twisting movement.  You aren’t utilizing the Neko rig to its best extent if you don’t do this – but if you adhere to the above recommendations, you can persuade the bass to bite.

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