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What Are The Best Chatterbaits?

Best Chatterbaits

In 2006, a new bait was introduced in the fishing world by Z-Man Fishing Products, named Chatterbaits. Within a short period, these baits have overtaken bass fishing and have been used today successfully. There are several types of chatterbaits released in the market but this article focuses on the top 5 chatter baits used commonly.

What are Chatterbaits?

Chatterbaits is a bladed jig that helps anglers and fishermen to catch the bass easily. It first may have some errors and trials but once experienced, it is highly productive and effective. The working of these baits is based on the locality, water type, temperature, and the time of the year selected for fishing.

What Are The Best Chatterbaits?

Well, many chatter baits have been released in the markets but among all, the most favored 5 chatterbaits are listed here:

1: Z-Man Jack Hammer Custom Bladed Jig

This jig is painted to match the color of the water. The head of the jig is made up of lead and the blades are made from stainless steel, positioned on the top of the jig, to produce vibrations in the water current. It produces a loud sound when the head of the bait touches the water floor – the noise and the color of the bait is enough to attract the target.

2: Z-Man Original Chatterbaits

These are the original version of the chatterbaits which consist of a swim jig and mounted blades. A removable rubber skirt is located on the jig which provides a soft body to the anglers. It is a highly economical type of bait, available in 28 different colors with a size of ¼, 3/8, and ½ ounces.

3: Strike King Rage Blade

Instead of a hook, this jig also has a mounted blade, making it less prone for the bass to hide in the cover. When the head of the jig hits the ground, the weight deflects over the large size hook’s eye. These chatter baits work slowly but roll at an extreme depth, making the jig a unique one.

4: Picasso Shock Blade Pro

Next on the list is the shock blade, which comprises a head with 3-dimensional eyes positioned on a big hook. The skirt is a bit heavy and has long or short stands which produce seductive vibrations in the water current. The body of the jig looks like a ring having a tear shape blade, two holes, and a curved bill. The jig is approximately 6 feet long and weighs around 3/8 and ½ ounces.

5: Tackle Tungsten Chatterbaits

As the name indicates, the swim jig is made up of tungsten making it one of the best examples of chatter baits. The weight of this jig is around ½ or ⅜ ounce. It produces tempting noise when hits the ground, while the tungsten maintains the balance of the bait.

Final Words

In the fishing industry, the highly ranked chatterbaits are the Z-Man jackhammer custom-bladed jig, the Z-Man original chatter baits, and the strike king rage blade. Picasso shock blade pro and tackle tungsten chatter baits, provide an effective and reliable bait to attract the target by producing tempting noise and vibrations in the water current.

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