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How to Pick the Right Swim Jig Trailers for Bass Fishing?

Pick The Right Swim Jig Trailers For Bass Fishing

The swim jig is perhaps the most misunderstood bass fishing method nowadays. It is an efficient approach that many fishermen practice. However, a swim jig with a proper trailer is effective for bass fishing. Although a bass would most likely be attracted to the jig trailer has led the fishermen to think of it as essential jig angling gear. Read on to learn to pick the right trailer.

How To Jig Fish For Bass?

Fishing via swim jigs is a simple, easy, and efficient way to catch a bass. The combination of the jig and the trailer is perfect because this will be convenient for the angler to look for a bass either in clear or sturdy water throughout the year.

How To Pick The Right Swim Jig Trailers For Bass Fishing?

To choose the right trailer for bass fishing, first look for the habitat and preferences of the bass. The purpose is to use the trailer which resembles the prey of the targeted species to attract the bass. Secondly, the coloration of the trailer plays a significant role in attracting a bass. The bluish, green, and white are appealing colors for the bass. However, depending on the type of water, choose the color of the trailer accordingly.

What Are The Best Swim Jig Trailers?

The top swim jig trailers used for bass fishing are:

1: Bass Chunk Trailers

It is the most commonly used jig trailer for sluggish fish. Some chunks have long tails which float gently, whereas others have flapping claws or curved appendages which allow significant movement of the tail in the water current. The temperature of the water typically affects the form of chunks, link to the jig.

2: Craw Trailers

Another great jig trailer is a soft plastic craw, which looks like either crawfish or baitfish. The flopping motion of the plastic craws works excellently to jig around laydown logs or boat docks. The color of the trailer should depend upon the type of prey a bass feed on.

3: Grub Trailers

This trailer in the fall season performs well when equipped with small swimbaits and single or double grub. The color and the shape of the trailers is effective to attract the bass – combining silver or white trailer with white or grey jigs. This combination most resembles baitfish holding the bottom in a cold temperature.

Bottom Line

Trailers are the mimic of the prey of the baitfish which efficiently manipulates the bass. The selection of the best trailer for bass fishing depends upon the shape and coloration of the trailer. Among all, the best swim jig trailers used by anglers are chunk, craw, and grub trailers. Each trailer looks distinctive because it performs efficiently when submerged in the water. That’s why when fishing a jig, it is always preferable to use a trailer.

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