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Can You Put Betta Fish Together in the Same Tank

Can You Put Betta Fish Together in the Same Tank

It is mostly said that betta fish cannot be kept in a single tank because they are more likely to get into fights and show terrible behaviour while interacting with others in a water tank. But, it is not the same case in every situation, the difference in behaviours of different betta fish depend on their gender. Female betta fish are less likely to quarrel with each other. While, male betta fish are highly aggressive by nature and they more oftenly get into fights.

How Many Male Bettas can be Put Together?

So, in order to determine that betta fish can be placed in a single tank or not depends on whether the fish is male or female. Depending on the nature of male betta fish, it is recommended that only a single male betta fish can be placed in a water tank.

Even if there is no crowd and only two male betta fish are put together, they can fight to death. Male betta fish by nature do not stop fighting and cannot be distracted until the end. It can be understood by a simple and common example that if a mirror is placed in the water tank, the female betta fish will probably fight with its own reflection as per the fact that most of the fish get scared of their own reflection. The female betta will however leave the mirror after sometime and then move. While, on the other hand, male betta fish will continue fighting with their reflection until the mirror is removed from the water tank.

How Many Female Bettas can be Put Together?

The nature of female bettas is carefree and independent so female bettas do not usually create trouble for the other fish around them. So, the number of female betta fish that can be placed together in a single water tank depends on the area of the water tank. Because sometimes female betta fish also get into fights with each other when they are larger in number and the area of the tank becomes congested.

What Pattern of Betta Fish is Possible in a Water Tank?

You can put two or more female bettas together in a single water tank but there can also be one male betta in that tank. This means that male bettas can not live with another male betta but it is possible to put a male betta in the tank where there are female bettas. 

The Bottom Line

Whether we should put multiple betta fish together in a water tank or not depends on the gender of the betta fish. Male bettas have a reputation of being aggressive and they most likely create trouble for each other by fighting continuously even till death. But, female bettas get along with each other well and can live peacefully with each other because of their independent and carefree nature. A male and a female betta fish will also probably live together peacefully.

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