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What Type of Fish Can Live in a One Gallon Tank

What Type of Fish Can Live in a One Gallon Tank

Many people get confused about how much water in the fish tank is required to keep a pet fish inside it. This happens mostly to the people who are beginners and do not have any experience of pet fish before. Many fish can not be even thought of being stored in a small one gallon tank because of their large size. But, there are some fish that have the size as small as they can fit inside a one gallon tank.

Moreover, some kinds of small fish have the tendency to survive in congested areas but this is highly discouraged as fish’s capacity to survive in tough conditions does not justify that the fish should be put inside a small tank. However, to know what types of fish can stay in a one gallon tank, read the complete article.

Fish That Can Survive in One Gallon Tank

Whether a fish can survive in a one gallon tank depends on the size of the fish as well as their living patterns. The following is the list that contains the name of fish that can survive in a small one gallon tank:


Guppies are small fish and look beautiful in any glass container. This type of fish is considered one of the best options for the beginners who want to keep fish as pets. Guppies are known to be social fish which likes to interact with other guppies so normally, in a one gallon container or a tank, three to four guppies can stay easily.


Bettas are also small fish that are kept by the beginners because of their small size. Bettas are even considered very suitable for small containers or tanks because of the fact that they have a unique breathing apparatus that lets the bettas to inhale on the top of the water surface. However, betta fish are known for their fighting nature. If two male bettas are put together in a tank, they will most probably fight to death.


Tetras do not grow more than one inch of their length and hence can easily live in a small tank of water. In a single one gallon water tank, almost three to four tetra fish can be put together. Tetra fish are very suitable for beginners because of their small size and easy to take care of. However, there are some tetra fish that are of larger size so for pet fish, tetras that are of smaller size are preferred.

Dwarf Puffer Fish

This  type of fish grows to a maximum length of almost 1.4 inches. They can also live in a small tank because of their small size but there are careful precautions that one must know before deciding to keep them as pet fish. For instance, they require pH levels of seven to eight and temperature between seventy two to eighty degrees fahrenheit.

Neon Tetras

Neon tetras are the type of fish that also have the size small enough to be kept in a one gallon tank. They also cannot grow more than one inch of their size. The one thing that can be proved challenging is that neon tetras are sensitive to parameter fluctuations of water. So, they require a robust filtration system to survive and live easily. They also require timely and scheduled care like all the other types of small fish. There can be three to four neon tetras kept in a single small one gallon water tank. 

Zebra Danios

Zebra danios are also small fish that look like zebras because of their black and white skin color. Zebra danios are active fish that are easy to be maintained and kept as per fish. They are easy to be fed and the food that is required for them to stay healthy is most commonly available in markets. They are also considered suitable for the people interested in pet fish.

The Bottom-Line

There are multiple fish that can be kept in a small one gallon water tank because of their small size and the capability to survive in small and congested areas but that does not mean it has been encouraged to keep fish in congested areas because this can make their living patterns comparatively difficult. The fish that can however survive in small tanks include betta fish, neon tetras, zebra danios, guppies and dwarf puffer fish.

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