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Shark Attacks In North Carolina

Shark Attacks In North Carolina

North Carolina is located on the Eastern border of the Atlantic Ocean, which provides a perfect living habitat for most aquatic species like sharks. However, from time to time there is an increase in the number of sharks attack in North Carolina. why is it so? Let’s find out and keep on reading!

Shark Attacks In North Carolina

According to the Global Shark Attack File, up till now 117 cases of shark attacks have been reported in North Caroline. Out of 117, 97 were due to unprovoked bites whereas 5 were the results of intentional provocation by the visitors.

Where Do Most Of The Sharks’ Attacks Been Reported In North Carolina?

The following are the places where the attack of sharks has been reported:

Places No. Of Attacks Fatal Provoked Unprovoked
Emerald Isle 10 0 2 8
North Topsail Beach 9 0 1 8
Wrightsville Beach 7 1 2 5
Ocracoke 7 4 0 7
Ocean Isle 6 0 1 5
Masonboro Island 6 0 0 6
Holden Beach 6 0 0 6
Carolina Beach 5 2 3 2

Species Of Sharks Found In The North Carolina Waters

The most commonly sighted species of sharks are:

  • Great White shark
  • Tiger shark
  • Finetooth shark
  • Lemon shark
  • Bonnethead shark
  • Bull shark
  • Nurse shark
  • Thresher shark

Why Do Shark Attacks Have Increased In North Carolina?

Well, there are several reasons which may contribute to increasing the number of shark attacks. The warmer water of North Carolina greatly attracts the shark species which thus increases the sharks and human interaction. Fishing activities may be the other reason to attract the shark and receive the bite. Thirdly, the global change in climatic conditions allows the sharks to migrate toward the North Carolina water, especially during the spawning season. People will likewise enter the water for enjoyment and thus increase the attack rate.

Sharks Attack In North Carolina Waters – What To Do?

If sharks attack, follow the tips mentioned below:

  • Don’t play dead
  • Maintain full eye contact, if approached by sharks.
  • If attacked, fight back
  • Block your head and neck
  • Get out of the water as soon as possible.
  • Get medical treatment immediately.

Final Verdict

North Carolina is the hometown of many aquatic species, especially the sharks, which are found living there. This is because the warmer water provides a suitable habitat for the sharks to thrive, with the excess availability of food. Due to the increasing number of sharks in North Carolina water, the chances of people receiving the bites also increase – making it one of the biggest states in the US to have a maximum number of shark attacks.

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