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Top 7 Cutest Sharks Ever

Top 7 Cutest Sharks Ever

Ocean has been hiding several ferocious, mysterious, and cute marine species under its belly. Some of those species have been discovered while some are yet to be seen by human eyes. Sharks are one of the highly intelligent yet blood-thirsty specie, which humans fear.  However, there are many sharks that are not only cute to look at but are harmless to humans. Want to find out? Let us tell you.

The Top Seven Cutest Sharks Ever

Here is a list of the top seven sharks that are way too cute to look at and adore.

1. Whale Shark

Grabbing the first spot on this list, the whale shark is the cutest shark out there. Though it is the largest shark in the world, it does not attack humans but is also the friendliest shark species. It has a unique pattern of white spots on its dark grey or blue-colored body. These spots, combined, act like a human fingerprint, unique to each individual, helping in their identification.

Whale sharks have flat heads and slightly curved snouts, giving them a cute appearance. They inhabit tropical and temperate waters while feeding on plankton, as they are filter-feeders.

2. Chain Catshark

Next on the list is Chain Catshark, known for its distinct patterns on its skin. Chain catsharks are reddish brown in color; the upper part of the body is covered with a black or dark brown chain pattern, thus the name. With rounded snouts and large eyes, these sharks are captivating.

Chain catsharks prefer to live along the outer continental shelf and rocky bottoms. They prefer to consume bony fish, squid, and crustaceans to fill their tummies.

3. Greenland Shark

Greenland sharks project the appearance of a foolish giant, who seems like continuously smiling due to its mouth buried beneath its nose. It is one of the largest predators in the ocean but does not pose any threat to humans. They are also considered silly because they are the slowest shark species, however, they are highly intelligent just like other sharks.

Residing in arctic and subarctic waters, Greenland sharks are able to withstand cold waters while diving deep down the ocean. They feed on herring, salmon, char, capelin, and lumpfish.

4. Hammerhead Shark

Yes, hammers are not so appealing, but a head looking like a hammer surely sounds fun. Hammerhead sharks got their name because of their odd-looking heads, resembling hammers. But just because they are cute, doesn’t mean they are dumb. The eyes, located far far away from eachother (making them look even cuter) basically provide them a wide view of their surroundings, so they can evade any danger.

They are found living in tropical and temperate waters, near the coasts. Though hammerhead sharks are aggressive by nature, they do not attack humans instead feed on stingrays, cephalopods, and crustaceans.

5. Big Eye Thresher Shark

Famous for having very long tails, thresher sharks are one the cutest shark. They have small bodies as compared to their tails, with significantly large eyes, short heads, and cone-shaped noses. Their eyes, quite huge on their face, when moved upwards, give them an adorable appearance. They are also aggressive by nature, but due to their small mouth and teeth, they do not consider attacking humans.

Thresher sharks inhabit both oceanic and coastal waters, while sometimes reaching the depths of the ocean. They prey on schools of fish and seabirds, with their unique hunting strategies.

6. Blue Shark

Blue sharks are also added to the list of the cutest sharks due to their charming appearance. They are named so because of their blue-colored body, which is deep on the upper side and keeps on fading under their bellies. On long slender bodies, they have large eyes and a cone-shaped snout; at first look, it feels like they are astonished by something, but later, one understands that it is just how they look like.

They live both in tropical and temperate waters and like to consume several kinds of fish, squid, and even seals.

7. Zebra Shark

Zebra sharks have cylindrical bodies which are dark brown in color, covered in yellow stripes. As they reach adulthood, the stripes get replaced by black dots. They have small eyes and moderately-sized snouts, which gives them a cute appearance; their coloration also adds to their beauty.

It enjoys feeding on small fish, mollusks, and crustaceans while residing in shallow coral reefs and tropical waters.

The Bottom Line

Whale shark, blue shark, Greenland shark, hammerhead shark, zebra shark, chain catshark, and thresher shark are the top cutest sharks ever found in the ocean. They have unique coloration and patterns on their bodies, which make them appealing to the eyes. As they do not pose any threat to humans, it is safe to enjoy a swim with them while appreciating their beauty.

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