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Top 6 Springtime Bass Lures – Shaw Grigsby’s Winners

Top 6 Springtime Bass Lures – Shaw Grigsby's Winners

As we all know that fishes become more active and energetic during the springtime, and few bass fishermen choose this time of year to look for their favorite species. Shaw Grigsby, a veteran and the most experienced person in bass fishing, reveals his picks for the best springtime lures used for fishing. He selects particular timings like the pre-spawn, spawning, and post-spawn stages of a fish’s reproductive cycle. Read on!

Top 6 Springtime Bass Lures | Shaw Grigsby’s Winners

The top spring fishing lures might differ on the basis of the fishing locality and the type of bass you’re after. Here are the 6 best springtime bass lures recommended by Shaw Grigsby.

1: Megabass Vision 110 Jerkbait

This bait is around 4 1/3 inches and 0.5 ounces in size. It has a remarkable design with a long-cast balancer system. Ott depends on jerk baits suspended in chilly, transparent water. Whichever the cause, bass find it impossible to avoid an appearance of a hanging minnow.

2: Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap

The Original Rat-L-Trap is a tried-and-true success that provides greater shape and color possibilities than any comparable crankbait. It enables fishermen to quickly sweep water and elicit bites as it works best near foliage.

3: Strike King Rage Craw

Spawning bass may need to be provoked into striking by putting a lure in an astonishingly small area. If you give them anything too large, they will grab it or relocate it far from the hooks. In addition to increasing your capture rate, a tiny craw-style bait generates a big adequate footprint to intimidate them. There is a Rage Craw for every requirement, whether you want to fine-tune them or have to enter with a large hook.

4: Spinnerbait

It’s encouraging to have seen high-quality spinnerbaits regain favor during the Chatter-Bait fad. In murky water, near cover, or even when basses are eating swarming fish, a difficult double reed spinnerbait performs very well due to its intense flashing and vibrations.

    5: Jig

    While pursuing bass in areas with lots of potential prey, such as near brush, rocks, or docks, or specifically when fishing in dense grass or swimming a jig, a traditional flicking and throwing jig is at the top.

    6: Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits Senko

    Over two decades ago, the Senko was introduced and every manufacturer put an effort to produce the knockoffs. Similar to the original one, a tantalizing side-to-side wiggle was created to fish everywhere.

    Final Words

    The top 6 springtime fishing lures recommended by Shaw Grigsby to drag the attention of the bass toward the baits are narrated above. These baits might differ on the basis of fishing locality and the type of bass you want to get hooked in your bait. With all these baits in your gear, you can confidently strike the waters whether you are a beginner or an experienced fisherman.

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