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Ultimate Guide To Sharks Teeth Hunting at Myrtle Beach

The South Carolina shoreline is notable, with numerous famous seashores like Myrtle beach. It’s additionally the most loved gathering ground of shark tooth trackers. You’re not expected to get a shark to poke out its tooth. A large number of small teeth are dispersed across the beach side, concealed under the sand and among the shells.

Shark teeth on seashores aren’t quite as normal as shells; however, finding them isn’t that troublesome either once you sort out some way to make it happen. Shark tooth hunting is an undertaking that each guest to Myrtle beachside should have insight into. It’s fulfilling and exciting. All you really want is tolerance, a sharp eye, and good luck. Never mind, this article is going to present you with the ultimate guide to shark teeth hunting at Myrtle Beach.

Myrtle Beach shark teeth hunting guide

With regards to finding shark teeth in Myrtle beach, there’s no correct or incorrect method for hunting. It heavily depends upon your luck; however, Certain individuals have a skill for finding these awards of the ocean.

Keep in mind that the thrill and adventure are in the hunt and not generally in the reward. At times, a solitary shell can act as an extraordinary wake-up call of a fun-filled and entertaining beach exposure. Nonetheless, to increase the chances and possibilities of achieving success in your mission, you should follow some tips.

1: Identifying a shark tooth

There is a misconception about sharks’ teeth that they are white, but it is not like that. Sharks’ teeth are white when they fall out; however, at some point, they become black due to fossilization.

Frequently individuals get something that looks dark and believes it’s a shark tooth. The most effective way to let know if it’s a genuine shark tooth is to check whether it has edges and a gum line close to the top. Likewise, you presumably will not have the option to break it, as shark teeth are extremely strong.

2: Begin early

Show up an hour early ahead of schedule and pick low tides, particularly the morning low. You will encounter fewer hurdles, and nothing’s essentially as quiet as the beachfront towards the beginning of the day. Tempest can clean up the shells. (The ideal time is low tide in the spring in full or new moon.)

10% of shells are sinistral, which are open to the left side. Mostly shells are dextral, opened to the right side. Now you can presume that searching for a sinistral shell is a heavenly moment.

3: Take a look at the tide

It is simpler to track down the shark’s teeth at low waves, yet experts say this part of Myrtle beach is marginally unique. It is better to find sharks’ teeth when the wave is coming rather than going there when the tide is out. You can encounter a shark’s teeth moving in on the tide.

When the tide comes in and turns over the shell beds, shark teeth are also commonly found there. The moving tides pull away the sand to uncover the dark glossy shark teeth.

4: Select a location

In the focal Myrtle Beach, most shark teeth are found between 50th Road North and tenth Road South. Pawleys Island and Murrells Gulf are additionally great spots to look at.

In the North Myrtle Beach Ocean side region, the most suitable places to look for shark teeth include the Cherry Forest beachside region and the segment between 22nd Road North and 54th Road North.

Assuming that you’re on the central beachside, be vigilant enough around the tide line where shell beds assemble. As the surfs wash over these beds, they upset the items, uncovering new gems.

Check regions on north Myrtle beach newly dredged as these carries covered dregs to the surface and could retain the ways to track down shark’s teeth.

5: Abandon the groups

Looking for treasure in similar spots as every other person restricts your possibilities of a great find. You might have more fortunate hunting in additional far-off regions, further away from the most famous regions.

Things that you should carry to shark teeth hunting at Myrtle Beach

You can have an effective shark tooth hunt with next to no costly hardware or related knowledge; however, there are a couple of instruments that could make your pursuit fulfilling.

  • Sunglasses, for instance, can battle the brightness of the sun on the surfs and make it more straightforward to recognize the glossy dark triangles you’re looking for.
  • Despite the fact that you can simply utilize your hands to gather up and filter through the sand, a strainer, little net, or Florida snow furrow makes the interaction a lot more effortless.
  • Likewise, A couple of water shoes make strolling rambling over shell beds cozier, so you can proceed with your quest for much longer than you could shoeless.

Observe a Couple of Guidelines

Ensure there isn’t a living thing in a shell you find! Keep in mind they’re hosts to living things. Sand dollars and starfish are likewise living things, so leave them in the sea if they’re alive as yet. It’s ideal for heating your shells in an enormous pot of water for 15 minutes to kill microorganisms.


The secret to searching shark teeth is assurance and steadiness. Try not to give in on the off chance that you track down no on your most memorable hunt. Shark teeth hunting at Myrtle beach is a fulfilling and vital activity for people. Add some adventurous experience into your following gateway with another hunt. Good luck with your shark teeth adventurous experience — and blissful hunting.

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