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5 Effective Ways To Rig A Fluke For Bass Fishing

5 Effective Ways To Rig A Fluke For Bass Fishing

Nowadays, bass fishing is the most popular and enjoyable activity to spend the whole day near the water bodies. Among baits, the flukes are the best because these soft plastic jerk baits look exactly like live baitfish which attracts the fish effectively.  Let’s see the effective ways to rig the target. 

What Are Fluke Baits?

Fluke baits are soft plastic lures that are used to gain the attention of several fishes. These baits look like a shad and can be cast in several ways. Moreover, these baits are versatile and helpful which the fishing seem difficult.

5 Effective Ways To Rig A Fluke For Bass Fishing

5 effective ways will help the angler to rig a fluke:

1: Hook Point

Hooking plays a very significant role when rigging a fluke because it will determine the movement as well as the actions of bait under the water. inserting a hook in the middle of the fluke nose can be effective to keep the bait near the water surface and prevent it from sliding down. Further, if the hook is inserted on the top of the head, will allow the bait to dive down and retrieve faster if the target is nearby.

2: Weightless Style

The weightlessness style is a common way to rig a fluke as it drags the attention of the bass and entices them to come out of the cover. There are various sizes of these flukes are available in the market, however, the bait of 5 inches is considered effective.

3: Double Fluke Rig

Doubling the rig may increase the chance of you catching a bass. The double fluke rig is used especially to target the school of fish because it looks quite appealing for hungry basses. Further, the 3-way swivel is attached to the leader which allows the angler to have an easy grip and freedom to keep the fluke stable in the water without sinking. This prevents the bass from gaining strength and pulling the line off if two fish hit your dual fluke rig at the same time.

4: Underspin

This method is followed by professional anglers that had excellent success in bass fishing via underspin. With the spinning rod, reel, and casting skills will be effective to catch a bass. The layout simply includes the hooking of the fluke and letting it sink into the water bodies. This rigging style is fruitful in the open and transparent water across the channels where the basses roam for feeding.

5: Scrounger

This is another effective way to rig the fluke as it is paired with the chatterbaits which produces vibrations in the water current to attract the bait. The scrounger consists of a jig head with plastic color and big bills which make the bait wobble. The slow casting and steady retrieving will make the scrounger incredible in its action. 

Final Verdict

There are various ways by which a fluke can be rigged for bass fishing, however, the Hook Point, Weightless Style, Double Fluke rig, Underspin, and Scrounger work efficiently to attract the bass toward the bait. These approaches are diverse and work best for you to tackle your favorite bass.

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