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5 Tips on When and Where to Fish a Tube

5 Tips on When and Where to Fish a Tube

Fishing via the tube is one of the famous and ancient techniques that an angler or fisherman has been using for decades. Tube fishing is commonly used for fishing largemouth as well as smallmouth basses. Here in this article, all you need to know about tube fishing is explained. Scroll down!

What Are The 5 Tips On Using A Tube To Fish?

The following are the 5 best tips which if followed must increase the chances of catching a bass of your choice:

1:  Float The Tube: While fishing, many tubes sink towards the bottom, even being light weighted. However, adding foam to it will cause the tube to float in the water current.

2:  Double The Tube:  Well, sometimes, a single tube does not work properly while fishing in large water bodies, so adding a second tube will increase the chance of catching the bass.

3:  Coloring The Tube:  The color of the tube is the secret of attracting the bass towards the lure. The coloring of the bait, resembling the real prey will work effectively.

4:  Rattling A Tube:  By adding a rattle to a tube will produce a natural sound when hitting the rocks or grounds, to attract the lure.

5:  Flashy Tube:  The tubes can be equipped with flashy stands on the hook and can be effective for catching bass.

When To Fish Via Tube?

The ideal time for fishing a bass via the tube is in the evening, usually, when the covers allow less light to reach the water – creating the ideal low-light environment. Moreover, fishing will be proven effective in the stormy spring season when the spawning is high.

Where To Fish Via Tube?

Fishing a tube in the middle of the open waters, such as along the isolated vegetation where there are clumps of grasses is a favorite place for the basses to hide in it. Secondly, the dock piers also provide a shady structure for the basses to hang out. The other area for catching bass is the standing timbers which form a bridge of docks and pylons, allowing it to reel successfully.

What Are The Perks Of Fishing Via Tube?

Tube fishing is suggested because of its:

  • Effectiveness
  • Versatility
  • Castability
  • Convenience
  • Affordability

Bottom Line

There are certain ways for modifying a tube to make it float by adding loads, doubling, coloring, coloring, rattling, and flashing the tubes can increase the chance of catching a bass effectively. The best time to catch a bass is the spring season when the spawning is high and it is recommended to choose the low light environment – making it ideal for bass fishing.

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