What Beach In Florida Has The Most Shark Teeth?

Searching for the seashells along the seashores is one of the favourite time pass activities of most of the people. Sometimes you may find a glittering shell and you can’t help it but take it home with you! Collecting shells can be upgraded to the next level, when you find sparkling and spiked handfuls of shark teeth on Florida beach, thus shell hunting becomes a more exciting activity.

Where to find shark teeth in Florida?

Venice – Florida is also named as the shark’s tooth capital of the world, so it is not astounding that the nearby beaches are abundant with toothy treasures. There are plenty of shark teeth that are fossilised on the beaches in Florida. Those who collect shark teeth stated that the best areas to collect shark teeth fossils include any beach within the boundary of the South of the Venice Jetty.

How to find shark teeth?

Finding shark teeth is no less than an adventure; they can be found anywhere along the beach. Most of the people simply looked for shark teeth by wandering across the beach. Others walk at the edge of water along the wave, even paddle a few feet into the water to find shells. Some people use shovels, strainers or simply scoop the sand and collect the shells or teeth with their hands.

5 top listed beaches with most of the sharks teeth

Enlisted the top five beaches in Florida, where a number or shiny and spiky teeth of sharks can easily be collected either by digging the sand or by simply collecting if from the surface. 

1: Caspersen beach

While talking about the beach with most of the shark’s teeth, Caspersen beach is a gemstone of its own and a great shark tooth spot. You may find a tooth million years old or maybe the new one, on the edge of the beach water, as early as you find a tooth, may engage yourself to find more. The Casperson beach is also good for swimming and fishing; also the beach is along the countryside, quiet private beach with wide and free space and not much crowded. At Caspersen Beach, depending upon the time of your visit, sometime you may find the entire beach to yourself and make it a perfect place for hunting shark teeth without any kind of disruptions.

2: Casey Key beach

Another beach with most of the shark’s teeth is the Casey Key beach, located in the South of Siesta Key in Nokomis Florida. The beach is a good spot for hunting shark teeth in the crystal clear water which make it even more pleasurable. The southern area near the beach seems to be a bit busy while the northern area is a private spot which is full of shark teeth so that you can find and take them home.

3: Manasota Key beach

Manasota Key beach is located in the South of Caspersen Beach and is another great spot for hunting sparkling shark teeth. The beach is private and less crowded, so take advantage of it and spend your time discovering shark teeth, waiting for you to find them. The natural beauty of this beach makes you more enthusiastic and the most stunning picnic spots you can’t miss while hunting shark tooth, located in the South of Manasota Key beach.

4: Jupiter beach

Jupiter Beach comes into the limelight because of its warm water with a nearly average temperature of 78 to 81 ℉. That’s why you might find many shark teeth in this beach because sharks do prefer warm water. The shark professionals also agreed that the warm waters of Jupiter Beach is a reason for migration for most of the sharks from ocean water, thus Jupiter Beach is considered one of the greatest beaches to find shark teeth, situated on the Eastern coast of Florida.

5: St. Augustine Beach

The St. Augustine Beach is a great spot for hunting shark teeth; the beach is located in the South of St. Augustine city on Anastasia Island. If you want to visit the beach, the best time is just after a storm because the roaring waves and whipping of the sea brings the fossilised shark’s teeth from the bottom of the sand to the upper water layer of the beach.

Size of shark teeth

Sharks have 20,000 to 30,000 teeth of different sizes, throughout their life. Commonly you can find shark teeth in the beach water area of small sizes probably ranging from 1/8 to 3/4 mm or may some have bigger sizes as well. If you are more interested and want to see the original teeth of sharks, you must visit Florida, once in a lifetime

Bottom line

Casperson beach has gained spotlight because a number of shark teeth were found in the water or in the sand around the beach. If you are excited to explore more about shark teeth, a good eye and a bit of hard work will definitely help you out to find the mysterious shark tooth treasure.

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