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What is Basa Fish

What is Basa Fish

Basa is a type of catfish found in Southeast Asia and it is also called “bocourti” in some parts of the world. It is used as a meal in many countries. It has been very popular and in demand in many parts of the world because of its low costs. It is inexpensive to grow and harvest as compared to many other types of fish. A basa fish grows to almost one hundred and twenty centimeters as its maximum length.

Facts About Basa Fish

Every kind of meal has its own nutritional facts. Let’s discuss some of the major nutritional facts of basa fish:

  • Basa fish is low in fats and high in proteins. So, people who want weight loss and want to reduce their calories can consume basa fish as a healthy diet.
  • Basa fish has low levels of carbohydrates. So, it does not make you feel sleepy after you eat it.
  • Basa fish contains docosahexaenoic acid that boosts brain health. Hence, it is considered to be the type of fish that is good for brain health also. 
  • Basa fish is also healthy for asthmatic patients. 
  • Basa fish maintain blood pressure. It has low levels of sodium so, it is very beneficial for people suffering from high blood pressure.

How Does Basa Fish Taste?

Basa fish is white fish that is moist and sweet in taste. They have a mild flavour. The texture of this fish is flaky and firm. The texture of the basa fish is similar to cod and tilapia fish.

Is it Healthy or Risky to Eat Basa Fish?

People who eat fish are believed to be at lower risk of having heart disease. Like the other kinds of fish, basa fish also has its own health benefits but the quantity of basa fish must not exceed a certain amount to keep it healthier. 

Basa fish has low levels of calories and it is a very high-quality source of protein that makes it one of the ideal meals to have to maintain a healthy diet. The level of calories in the basa fish is almost “one hundred and fifty eight” grams and has protein of almost “twenty two” grams. It is considered healthy because of its richness in protein and low level of calories. Basa fish also contains a small level of omega-3 fatty acids.

However, there can also be some health risks associated with eating basa fish. In the case of a basa fish, the level of its toxicity depends on the environment and the water condition in which it lives. Most of the fish including basa fish inhale industrial contaminants like mercury and this makes the fish unhealthy as food. The basa fish are also found in pounds in a huge number and the water in the pond is generally said to be contaminated and dirty. 

To keep the environment for the fish clean, the farmers use chemical agents and drugs and this may even be more harmful for the fish. So, it is not always healthy to eat basa fish. Most of the time, you do not know where the basa fish you are about to eat lived its whole life. So, there is always a health risk associated with eating any kind of fish. To reduce the effect of the harmful substances, it is highly recommended to cook the fish properly and do not leave any part of the fish partially cooked. 

The Bottom Line

The basa fish is preferred as a meal over many other types of fish because of its good taste and cheap cost. The cost for growth and harvesting of the basa fish is much lesser than some other types. Moreover, it is a rich source of high-quality protein and has low calories but some of the basa fish might contain unhealthy substances if they are grown in a dirty lake or pond so it is recommended to cook the basa fish properly.

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