What Kind Of Shark Bit Bethany Hamilton?

Do you know who Bethany Hamilton is?

Bethany Hamilton – a survivor of the shark attack!

Bethany Hamilton shares one of the most inspiring and biggest comeback stories of an era. Her faith, determination, and hope encourage many people how to survive the biggest tragedies of life. Drive into the article to learn more about the unstoppable Bethany Hamilton; her biggest tragedy and her comeback to life.

Who Is Bethany Hamilton?

Bethany Hamilton is an American pro surfer, athlete, and writer born on February 8th, 1990. She was born in Lihue, Hawaii. She started learning surfing at the age of three and started surfing professionally at the age of 8. The traumatic incident happened to her at the age of 13 but the accident did not stop her from doing what she wanted to do.

What Happens To Bethany Hamilton?

In 2013, at the age of 13, Bethany went surfing in the Hawaii waters on Tunnel beach with her best friends where she got attacked by a shark. Scary! just below the shoulder, the shark bit her left arm. She lost her left limb because it was ripped and lost 60% of her body’s blood. She was completely numb when she arrived at the hospital.  Despite the traumatizing incident, Hamilton was determined to return to surf again.

What Kind Of Shark Bit Bethany Hamilton?

At the age of 13, Bethany Hamilton while surfing got attacked by the second most aggressive shark species – The Tiger Shark. 14 feet or 4.3 meters long. A Tiger shark attacked and ripped her left arm. In 2004, a fisherman killed a Tiger shark and the police confirmed that it was the same shark who attack Bethany Hamilton.

Despite Of Losing Her Arm Does Bethany Go For Surf Again?

Yes! Just a month after the attack, she returned to the spot and made her way to surf again through her talent. Her faith, unwavering love for surfing, and positive attitude made her glide with the water waves using only one arm. Due to this tragedy, she did grab a position in a few surfing events but did not become the winner of the World Surfer League.

Final Words

In 2013, at the age of 13 Bethany Hamilton got attacked by a 14 feet long Tiger shark while surfing. The shark attacked her left arm and ripped it completely. But just after a month after the attack she made her comeback in the world of surfing and inspired many people by winning a few surfing leagues. Other than that she is a writer, professional surfer, blogger, and motivational speaker that helps many people to become unstoppable like her.

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