Where do Mako Sharks Live

The more you get to know about sharks, the more it surprises you with their distinctive features and characteristics. With over 500 species dwelling in the world’s oceans, you will find them all having distinguishing attributes. Take an example of mako sharks; these sharks are matchless not only for their lively colors but also for their elongated, slender, and unbelievably sharp teeth. However, little has been known about where do mako sharks live.

Sharks are fascinating no matter what breed you look at, but when it comes to mako sharks, they are simply incredible. You might not know that mako sharks can reach speeds of 31 mph, making them one of the fastest species of sharks known. Moreover, mako sharks are proficient in jumping out of the water.

You will surely be tempted to see the incredible mako sharks once you have learned the facts. Not knowing where do Mako sharks live can be frustrating at this time, but it’s not going to be for too long since we are here to discuss the whereabouts of this amazing species.

Before we move forward, keep in mind that Mako sharks are aggressive toward humans and will attack if insisted. They are often compared with the great white sharks, one of the most dangerous shark types.

With that said, let’s get to know where you can find the Mako sharks.

Everything you need to know about Mako sharks

The mako shark is one of the most prominent species among all sharks, exhibiting acrobatic flips and fast runs. These two attributes alone are enough to raise the curiosity to see the Mako sharks yourself. Before anything else, let’s get to know where they are found.

Mako sharks habitat

All oceans around the world are home to sharks in general, but different species have different habitats. When it comes to Mako sharks and where they live, you can find them in all waters except the cold. The Pacific Ocean is often one of the places where shortfin mako sharks live because of their preference for warmer waters. Traveling across oceans is no problem for them since they are highly migratory. From the Gulf, the United States to New England, Mako sharks are almost everywhere.

In spite of the fact that shortfin Makos frequently swim in very deep waters, they can also be found on the surface of the water at times. Not to mention, they are also known for being remarkable leapers, having the ability to jump out of the water as high as 20 feet. Find out how high can a shark jump? It is also worth noting that mako sharks are capable of diving at a depth of more than 400 feet.

Now that you know about the Mako shark’s habitat, you must also know a few other things as well in order to get a better understanding of the species.

About Mako sharks

On average, a shortfin mako shark measures about 10 feet long and weighs between 150-300 pounds. The Shortfin Mako shark, however, grows slowly, can reach the length of 13 feet, and can live well over 30 years. Having a relatively large size, they have few predators mainly; the larger size sharks prey on smaller sharks.

Talking about the feeding behavior, it mainly feeds on turtles, seabirds, marine mammals, fishes, and other smaller sharks. Feeding on a wide variety of food, find out in detail what do Mako sharks eat.

It is very likely that Makos will reach their prey before it notices them because they swim below their prey in order to see what is above. When hunting, they lunge vertically up and tear off the flanks and fins of their prey.

The bite of a shortfin mako shark is exceptionally powerful due to its sharp and pointed teeth.

For males, it takes them about 8 years to reach sexual maturity, while for females, it takes them about 19 years to reproduce.

A shortfin mako shark has been reported to attack humans; however, this is highly unlikely to happen without human intervention. Most of the time, shark attacks occur due to human provocation. Remember that Mako sharks are large in size and powerful; if attacked, it can prove to be fatal.

With that said, Mako sharks are also a victim of overfishing and shark hunting. They are targeted by humans, especially for their fins, meat, and skin. Commercial and recreational fishing has led to a decline in the Mako shark population, so much so that the IUCN has declared the species endangered.


Pacific island, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, or anywhere in the waters, Mako sharks can be everywhere except in cold waters. So, it seems like you have a good chance to see the spectacular behavior of Mako sharks leaping out of the water. Mako sharks, however, are being hunted in large numbers mainly for commercial purposes, which is leading to their extinction. Sharks are not only important to us but for the healthy blue oceans as well, and if Mako sharks disappear, it would be a major loss.

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