Who wins in a fight between a bull shark and a tiger shark?

Bull shark and tiger shark are the two most aggressive shark species residing in the oceans of the world. What if they both ever come face to face? Both are huge in size with strong bite force, what do you think, who will win the fight? Let’s have a comparison.

Bull Shark

The Bull shark, the world’s most dangerous species of shark, sprang to prominence due to their distinctive look. They have medium-sized bodies that can grow to be 11 to 13 feet long and weigh 500 to 694 pounds.

The wide rounded snout, small-sized rounded eyes, massive dorsal and pectoral fins with black colored tips and large serrated triangular-shaped razor-like sharped teeth distinguish them from other aquatic or marine species.

Bull shark

Tiger Shark

The tiger shark derives its name from the quite unique vertical bars that run along the sides of its body. Though these bands fade significantly as people become older, they are quite obvious in children and remain at least partially visible throughout their lives.

The tiger shark, which may grow to be at least 18 feet (5.5 m) long and 2000 pounds (almost a metric tonne), is the fourth largest shark and the second largest predatory shark, trailing only the great white.

Tiger shark

Differences Between A Bull Shark And A Tiger Shark

TraitsBull SharkTiger Shark
Scientific name  
DistributionShallow watersTropical and temperate waters
Size11.5 feet24.6 feet
Weight500 lbs or more1400 lbs
Swim Speed25 mph20 mph
Bite Force1350 psi325 psi
TeethSerrated, triangular teethSharp teeth able to pierce the flesh
Lifespan16 to 25 years 12 years
Conservation statusNear ThreatenedNear Threatened

Bull Shark Vs Tiger Shark

1: Bite Force

Sharks have some of the most powerful bite powers of any vertebrate. Their tremendous bite force helps them to quickly sever their prey’s flesh.

A bull shark has a biting force of 1,350 psi, which is substantially more than the bite force of a tiger shark, which is 325 psi. It should be noted that this shark’s bite force is the strongest of any shark species.

As a result, the bull shark comes out on top. Keep in mind, though, that while having the strongest bite force, a tiger shark will cause more harm to the target.

2: Size

The bull shark, while not as enormous as the tiger shark, is one of the fierce and one of the larger predatory sharks. When grown, most bull sharks are 7-11 feet long, with some growing to be longer. Females are larger than males and weigh between 200 and 500 pounds on average.

After great white sharks, tiger sharks are the world’s second-largest predatory sharks. These sharks can grow as much as 10 to 14 feet and weigh between 286 and 1,400 pounds.

3: Diet

Bony fish, stingrays, and smaller sharks are favorites of wild bull sharks. Other species consumed include mullet, tarpon, catfish, menhaden, gar, snook, jacks, mackerel, and others. Tiger sharks hunt alone and devour a range of foods. Seals, fish, birds, baby sharks, squids, and other water critters are the primary prey of these sharks.

Bull sharks, like many other shark species, are opportunistic feeders, preferring to eat whatever is around and safe. Tiger sharks, on the other hand, have been recorded devouring man-made debris such as license plates.

4: Attacks Due To Aggression Level

The bull shark and tiger shark were the third and second most deadly to humans, respectively. According to recent data, bull sharks are thus far implicated in several attacks on humans including 90 or more non-fatal attacks and 20 plus fatal attacks on people, all of which were described as “unprovoked”. Tiger sharks have been involved in 100 or more non-fatal and 35 or more fatal attacks, making them statistically more dangerous than bull sharks.

Who Wins In A Fight Between A Bull Shark And A Tiger Shark?

Keeping in view the above-mentioned characteristics, it is easy to assume that the tiger shark will be a winner in a fight between a bull shark and a tiger shark. Although bull sharks are more aggressive, tiger sharks are known for their special and unique hunting method that prevents prey from fleeing. They will also eat almost anything that fits in their mouth. As a result, the chances in combat favor tiger sharks.

The Final Word

Tiger sharks are notorious predators, thus, they will win the fight between bull sharks and tiger sharks with their predatory nature. Though bull sharks are way more aggressive, they still have some physical limitations that make them less competitive against tiger sharks.

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