Why Are Horseshoe Crabs Endangered?

Horseshoe crabs are a keystone species in many coastal ecosystems. They are also a valuable source of food for many animals, including humans. Their role in biomedical research can also not be neglected. However, despite being an important part of coastal communities, the species has been declared endangered due to a continuous decline in numbers.

Considering their importance for the ecology, people like us are worried about their extinction and would want to know why horseshoe crabs are endangered. You may have heard a lot of theories about it, but here we are with the correct information.

Why Is the Horseshoe Crab Endangered?

Five mass extinctions have left horseshoe crabs alive in the deep ocean over the centuries. But, for some reason, the species is now in danger of extinction. Human activities are generally thought to be the main cause of their endangerment. However, there are other elements to be taken into account as well.

To sum up, we have gathered a few important points that we think are contributing largely to why horseshoe crabs are endangered. The key reasons are:

  • Horseshoe crabs are picked for their meat, which is taken as a specialty in some nations, and for their blood, which is resort to use in the medicinal field to test for bacteriological impurity in injectable drugs and therapeutic devices.
  • Overharvesting, habitat loss, and degradation are the main threats to horseshoe crab populations.
  • Horseshoe crabs are often used as bait in the eel and whelk fisheries, which can result in high mortality rates.
  • Habitat loss and degradation can occur when their coastal habitats are developed or altered by humans.
  • Horseshoe crabs are also affected by climate change. Growing sea levels and more recurrent and extreme squalls can cause flooding and erosion, which can destroy horseshoe crab habitats.
  • Pollution is another threat to horseshoe crabs. They are sensitive to changes in water quality, and pollution can harm or kill them.
Reasons behind horseshoe crabs endangerment

The decline of horseshoe crab populations could have serious consequences for the health of the marine environment. There is a need for more research into horseshoe crab populations and their ecology in order to better understand and conserve them. Some simple things that everyone can do to help protect horseshoe crabs include reducing our impact on their habitats and supporting conservation efforts. By taking action to protect horseshoe crabs, we can help ensure a healthy ecosystem for generations to come.


Horseshoe crabs are an ancient species that has been everywhere for 450 million years. They are an imperative part of marine ecology and are a food source for many animals, including shorebirds. However, horseshoe crabs are now endangered due to humans hunting them for food and using their shells for bait. In addition, horseshoe crabs are losing their habitat as coastal areas are developed.

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