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7 Fish that can Live in a Bowl Without Oxygen

7 Fish that can Live in a Bowl Without Oxygen

The pet fish undoubtedly need proper oxygen and temperature levels to survive healthy and for these reasons, the fish tanks need to contain proper filters and temperature control systems so that the fish inside the aquarium can get the required level of oxygen. So, it is said that pet fish require larger aquariums to live. But, there are some species of small fish like guppies and betta fish that can easily survive in a bowl with no oxygen filter.

7 Fish that can Live in a Bowl Without Oxygen

There are some species of fish that are known to be ideal to be kept as pets for beginners not only because of their small size and ease of maintenance but also because they can easily survive in a small bowl without a proper facility of oxygen. Let’s discuss some very well-known species:

1. Betta Fish

Betta fish is one of those types of fish that can easily live in a bowl containing no oxygen filter inside. Betta fish are very well-known pet fish because of their small size, beauty, and easy maintenance. So, bettas are the foremost choice for many pet owners when they decide to buy a pet fish. Bettas can also be kept in the aquariums but they can live well even when put in the simplest bowls.

2. Guppies

Guppies are small fish that are kept as pets in houses. They are cute little fish that exist in a variety of different colors. They have patterns on their skin and the interesting fact about them is that they can survive for almost a week or more without food, unlike many other types of fish. They are also known for their prolific breeding capabilities so many of the pet owners recommend keeping the guppies of the same gender in the bowl.

3. Zebra Danios

Zebra danios are another kind of small fish that can easily be kept in a small bowl and there is no need for high maintenance. This is the reason they are also one of the most famous types of pet fish. People find it easy to put them in a bowl rather than putting in extra effort like filters for oxygen, water replacement, and temperature maintenance.

4. Goldfish

Goldfish are the type that can also be kept with or without the oxygen filter. You can simply breed the goldfish in a water bowl or a container that contains the amount of water enough according to the size of the goldfish. They are not as easy to maintain as many other species of fish because they are very messy. The people who own goldfish as their pets need to change the water once or twice every week. 

5. Tetra Fish

Tetras are also small fish and very well-known pet fish. They have bright and shiny colors and are very energetic in general. They are not very difficult to maintain and take care of as pets and they are also very entertaining to watch in the glass bowl. 

6. Paradise Fish

Paradise fish can also be kept in bowls without the proper arrangement of oxygen. They are one of those few species of small fish that are territorial and do not like or tolerate the existence of the other fish in their surroundings or territories. So, it is better to keep them alone in a bowl.

7. White Cloud Mountain Minnows

White cloud mountain minnows are the type of fish that can survive in both containers with oxygen arrangements as well as with no oxygen filters. They are small and unique as they have a fluorescent skin texture or color and have red-colored tails. They are small sized and can grow up to the maximum size of one to two inches of their length. This is also one of the reasons that they are ideal to be kept in small bowls.

The Bottom Line

There are multiple types and species of small fish that can live in both the aquariums with proper oxygen filters and also in the small bowls with no oxygen facility. These fish include guppies, betta fish, zebra danios, tetra fish, paradise fish, goldfish, and white mountain minnows. Most of these fish are also easy to be maintained and take care of other than the fact that they can survive easily without the oxygen filters.

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