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How Much Does a Dolphin Cost?

How Much Does a Dolphin Cost?

Dolphins are cute aquatic creatures that many human beings love to watch. Besides their playful and entertaining nature, they are also known to be one of the most intelligent animals. Some people are curious about their costs and even consider purchasing these large aquatic creatures. Baby dolphins cost almost “$50,000 – $100,000 (fifty thousand dollars to one lac dollars)” approximately and adult dolphins can cost over “$200,000 (two lac dollars)”. But, is it fine to buy dolphins? If yes, who can purchase it? And if not, why so?

Read the reasons described below that will make you think a hundred times before you purchase a dolphin.

Reasons Why You Should Not Buy a Dolphin?

Other than the higher costs of the dolphins, there are many other factors that justify the fact that you should refrain from buying a dolphin:

1. Larger Size

There are more than forty species of dolphins and almost all of them grow into larger sizes. Because of the large sizes of the dolphins, they are very difficult to be handled by untrained human beings. Keeping a pet at home as large as a dolphin is the biggest risk and no one should do so.

2. Illegal and Inhumane

Purchasing dolphins to keep them as pets is illegal and inhumane and considered animal cruelty. Many countries across the world have already declared the purchase of dolphins illegal and inhumane. The only way to purchase a dolphin is to first take permission from one’s government and have a license that says that the dolphin is being purchased only for either research or educational purposes and is not about to be owned by any individual.

3. High Food Cost

Dolphins eat food in huge quantities. It can not be kept and easily fed unlike many other living things suitable to be kept as pets. So, if you are thinking to purchase a dolphin, you will probably not be able to fulfill its needs in the first place. 

4. A Violent Pet

Dolphins look friendly and social but they can be extremely dangerous also. There are a lot of past reports showing how dolphins have been attacking human beings. Keeping a dolphin at home will be no less than stupidity. Dolphins can kill any human being around them. It can even attack and kill its owner. So, you should never trust dolphins as pets.

The Bottom Line

Dolphins are so expensive that even the smallest baby dolphins cost more than fifty thousand dollars and the price can range up to two lac dollars for larger dolphins. Not only their extremely high costs but also their dangerous nature is a reason that no one should purchase them. Moreover, it is considered to be very cruel and inhumane to keep dolphins as pets knowing that they need a lot of food and a much wider and expanded place to survive.

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