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Basking Shark Vs Whale Shark

When we hear the word “shark” the image of a giant ocean creature automatically strikes our thoughts. In this article, we are focusing on the most enormous creatures of the ocean – The Baking sharks and The Whale sharks. Well, both species are somehow related to each other like both are filter feeders, both live deep in the oceans, and are known to be non-aggressive species of sharks. Despite their resemblance, these species also differ from each other in several ways. In this article, we are going to elaborate on the different facts which make them different from each other.

Basking Shark Vs Whale Shark

Both Basking sharks and Whale sharks belong to Class Chondrichtytes and are the biggest species of sharks but the two species differ from each other in many ways which are given below:

ParametersBasking sharksWhale sharks
Scientific Namenamed as Cetorhinus maximuscalled as Rhincodon typus
Familybelongs to CetorhinidaeBelongs to Rhincodontidae
Habitatwidely distributed in the temperate waterswide in range in the warm tropical zones
ColourGreyish to brownish skin with mottledDark grey with spots
Head Shapestereotypical shape of headflatter in shape head
TeethRoughly 1,500 small and curved teeth.300 rows of small teeth in each jaw
LengthUp to 30 feetUp to 59 feet
WeightNormally 10,000 poundsAbout 43000 pounds or 21.5 tonnes
Swim Speed2.5- 4 mph3 mph
DietZooplankton are favoriteSmall invertebrates are favorite
Gestation PeriodAbout 2 to 3 yearsAbout 11 to 12 months
PupsGive birth to 6 pupsGive birth to 300 young pups
Lifespanaround 50 yearsnearly 130 years
Conservational StatusVulnerableEndangered


Basking sharks and Whale sharks are not nasty predators both of them prefer to live without bothering their environment. Both are filter feeders and vicious hunters. But despite their similarities, these species differ from each other in many ways. We attempted to highlight the key difference between them so that you will better understand the two giant creatures of the ocean.

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