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Biggest Sea Turtles Ranked By Size

Sea turtles are one of the ancient species of reptiles which have been thriving on the planet since the time of dinosaurs, The fossils record of Sea turtles depicted that they have been living here for almost 220 million years. There are several species of sea turtles that can grow to a remarkable size which makes them the largest species of the turtle family. In this article, we are going to explore the detailed description of the world’s largest sea turtles.

Biggest Sea Turtles Ranked By Size

Sea turtles are of different sizes, some are small in size, that you might enjoy in your dinner whereas some can reach a remarkable size. They are ranked based on their size and are listed here:

Leatherback Sea TurtleNorway, Alaska, New Zealand, AfricaDark greyish or black colored with white spots.10 feet or 3 meters916 kg or 2,019 pounds
Loggerhead Sea TurtleCoast of North America, Africa, and Europe, Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans,Yellow to orange or reddish brown with large eyes and beak-like mouth213 cm or 84 inches545 kg or 1,202 pounds
Green Sea TurtleIndo Pacific, Atlantic Ocean, Coast of Africa and Argentina, Caribbean SeaStreamlined body, short neck and paddle like flippers, body have black and white edges153 cm or 60 inches500 kg or 1,100 pounds
Galapagos TortoiseGalapagos Island, along the western coast of EcuadorMatt brown armor, long head, neck, and limbs187 cm or 6.14 feet400 kg or 880 pounds
Aldabra Giant TortoiseChanguu Island, Indian Ocean, ZanzibarDark greyish with a high dome, stocky legs covered with scales, massive body150 cm or 4.90 feet360 kg or 794 pounds
Alligator Snapping TurtleSouth East coast of USA, Gulf of Mexico, Eastern Florida and Eastern TexasLarge head, greyish, black or olive-green coloration, strongest biting force81 cm or 2.66 feet183 kg or 403 pounds
Hawksbill TurtleIndian, Atlantic and Pacific watersNarrow elongated head, tapering and v-shaped body, yellow or black coloration95 cm86 kg
Olive Ridley TurtleSouth Atlantic, Indian, Pacific Oceans, Bangladesh, Sri LankaOlive green colored heart shaped carapace, two pair of flippers and claws80 cm50 kg
Fringed TurtleBrazil, South America, PeruLarge, triangular head, long and thin neck, pyramid shaped carapace.40 cm15 kg
Cayman TurtleCanada, Eastern regions of United StatesGreenish yellow coloration, powerful claws, flattened carapace35 cm30 kg


Sea turtles are known to be one of the most ancient species of the open waters, which somewhat shares a history with the dinosaurs. Well, the species of sea turtles vary in length as well as size. Depending upon their size, the largest sea turtle is the Leatherback Sea turtle ever recorded, and descending, the smallest is the Cayman turtle. Commonly, all sea turtles are herbivores and feed on seagrasses as their primary source of food.

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