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California Two-Spot Octopus

Among the types of octopuses we see around, the California two-spot octopus is the most incredible of all, whether you talk about its distinctive appearance or its intelligence. As fascinating as it is, humans often find it hard to come across this species since they spend most of their time on the sea floor. However, it does not end the drive to get to know more about this implausible animal.

With that said, we have all the right information gathered at one point that you must know of this species of octopus. So, without a minute more, let’s get to know all about it.

Everything you need to know about California Two-Spot Octopus

The California two-spot octopus is a species of octopus that is found in the waters off the coast of California. It also inhabits different parts of the Pacific Ocean. Instead of California two-spot octopus, the species is more commonly referred to as Bimac.

For more details on the species, let’s continue to read to the end.

1: Scientific classification

Scientific nameO. bimaculoides

2: General Characteristics

The Two-Spot Octopus has eight tentacles attached to a soft body, which is generally similar to that of other octopus species. In order to find food, it hides or crawls slowly or quickly on the seafloor using its arms and suckers. The body of this creature is decorated with two blue spots resembling eyes on either side of the body, which is what makes them distinctive.

3: Habitat

It can be found deep in the subtidal waters, up to 65 feet in depth. Warm waters, ranging from 65°F to 75°F, are perfect for the Bimac to thrive. Their favorite areas are also those where they can hide in rocks and crevices.

4: Physical attributes

Blue spots around the eyes define this octopus as distinct from others. A predator is believed to be deterred by these two spots that resemble their eyes. There is usually no heavy texture to an animal’s overall coloring, though the color varies greatly based on the habitat it lives in.

5: Size

Approximately seven inches is the average size of the bimac’s mantle. With arms measuring up to 25 inches long, this creature has an impressive reach beyond itself.

6: Diet

Known as tactful hunters, Two-Spot Octopus, with excellent eyesight, feed on other sea creatures primarily at night. A large portion of their diet consists of smaller crustaceans, mollusks, and shrimps.

Diet of California Two Spot Octopus

7: Lifespan

One to one and a half years is the maximum lifespan for this species in the wild, while two years is the maximum lifespan for this species in captivity.

It is no surprise that the octopus matures quickly, given its short lifespan.

8: Conservation status

According to the IUCN, California Two-Spot Octopus is classified as Least Concern.


California Two-Spot Octopuses are one of the friendliest species of octopuses, and if properly cared for, they make good pets as well. It is native to the coastal areas of California, where it can be distinguished by its circular blue eye spots on each side of its head.

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